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Season 8.5 is here!

Season 8 had a major wrench thrown in the middle of it so we decided to go all in and create a more engaging and fulfilling season that can’t be derailed.  4 coaches, one goal!  

Strength training for runners

Online Strength Training for Runners

For runners of all levels. This program will help you improve your distance by reducing the risk of injury, speeding up recovery, and increasing muscle mass in the right areas. 

2x times a week. 3o min sessions. Modifications provided.

Just $25/month. 

1x1 coaching for ultra runners

1×1 Coaching for Runners

For more advanced runners. Our 1×1 program provides much more than strength training. This program is tailored to each runner in order to take your run game to the next level. 

We are almost fully booked for the 2020 race season. Apply now if you want to reserve your space.

Becoming Ultra Podcast

Emily’s route for her 50k and more on training in the new world.

Emily has a few ideas for what her route is going to look like for her first 50k in a few weeks and Ian has ideas that may help her decrease some run related anxiety.

Will keeps plugging and can’t believe how far he has come!

It happens with so many runners. One day you end up so far from where you were and you can hardly believe how to got there.  Will seems to be in this special place right now.

Self care and running during COVID-19 life

Emily is figuring out training in the new world and Ian talks her through to get to a good place for training!

Emily is figuring out training in the new world and Ian talks her through to get to a good place for training!

Will gets into a groove during quarantine.

Will is plugging away and staying motivated for the 50k coming up in May.  The race may have been taken off the the table but that isn’t stopping him from training as well as he can.

Will is ready to not ever quit.

Will is back, well, he never really left.  Ellie and host Scott talk out the options for this unprecedented season of Becoming Ultra!

Emily and Ian get back on track after the craziest week we’ve ever experienced.

A week after the mental and physical adjustment from the virus, Ian and Emily get to talk about the new direction Season 8 is taking and how these goals should inspire others to keep moving.

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