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This was an interesting week.   A major snowstorm hit Denver on Monday and we received over a foot of snow.   I was also having some pain in my right foot, specifically my big toe area since participating in a winter obstacle race last weekend.   I was able to push through this week but after a long run yesterday, I woke up with the entire area swollen and extreme pain when walking, especially during the pushing off phase.  After doing a little research, I am google diagnosing myself with Turf Toe- a sprain of the ligament of the big toe.   This calls for RICE and probably laying off running for a week or more which is unfortnate since the forecast calls for 60 degree temperatures for most of the week here (sad face).   I guess this will be my week of cross training!   Tune in for my post next Monday where I will report on the success (or failure) of my cross training workouts and how the toe is doing.

snow run

Ultra training week #6:



Snowboarding!  Scott and I met on a chairlift almost 10 years to the date so it was only appropriate that we get up the mountains this week.   I woke up early to fit in some work and then we dropped the kids off at my dads to head up to A-basin ski area, which is only an hour away from our house.
We haven’t been snowboarding much since having kids so we only lasted about 2.5 hours but we did manage to hike to the top of the 12,000+ bowl twice to hit some fresh powder and steeper terrain.hiking snowboard

Hill climbing workout!   I normally do a stroller run on Wednesdays but there was just too much snow to push the stroller through.  So I took an hour from my work time to fit a workout in.
25 mins on the stair stepper:  5 mins at each level starting at 75 spm up to 95 spm
30 mins on the treadmill at 6mph:  10 minutes at 5% incline, 10 at 6%, 10 at 7%

Pi-yo class in the morning, bootcamp class at 4pm and then 2.5 miles on the track!


Strength training in the morning (8-10 reps of each x 3 rounds):
Bent leg deadlifts- 65 lbs
Deep lunges- 30lbs
Roman chair- 20 reps
Seated row- 80lbs
Pull-ups (using weight assisted machine)- 20lbs
TRX- knee tucks
Leg adduction machine- 80lbs
Ground to overhead squats- 50lbs

Run in the afternoon:
7.5 miles running the roads and stairs at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.  1400 total elevation gain!

red rocks stroller run

11 miles on the trails in Evergreen, Co.   When planning for this run, I didn’t take into account the foot of snow we received on Monday.  I assumed the snow would be packed down by this time so I didn’t bring my yaktraxs or water proof shoes.  Well, I was in for a surprise!
We had about 6 inches of soft snow to run through for most of the run.  Sometimes it was more packed down and we were able to cruise and other times we were sinking into knee deep snow drifts.
It took us 2 hours, 20 minutes to complete the run which isn’t too bad considering the conditions and the fact that we climbed about 1900 feet!


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