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Dan and Liza are up and out about again

We’re with Dan on his journey towards his first 50k in Bandera. Dan is working with his coach Liza. How are things going?

The weather is improving seeing 50s down in Southern Texas. Unheard of! At least in the summer months. Its been a long journey through the Texas summer for Dan and many other runners. It’s about time for a cool down. This podcast was recorded after Halloween!

What’s in store for the training?

Hill repeats are still on the menu for Dan while Liza is prescribing them more often. Dan is taking all of his workouts head on and remaining free of injury. He is now approaching 40 mile weeks and taking on the mighty 16 mile run! In other news, Dan has hit a new goal on his weight loss journey in a healthy manner. We are currently four weeks out from his first marathon, the 2nd of December on the road. All the rain down in Texas has kept the trails closed sadly. Its been a wet year for most of us for sure.

Put in the work, and reap the rewards! Keep following Dan all the way to Bandera including his updates on the Facebook Becoming Ultra Page.

In case you missed it, the Rocky Mountain Trail Camp page is alive and well for 2019! Come join us, and find more about it here.

Want to Become Ultra yourself or need accountability? Check out our Team BU page! Check out the BAC program as well!

Stephanie Dannenberg

Steph has been running really far in really hot, cold, dry, and rainy places. She is the newest coach for Becoming Ultra and contributes on the podcast regularly!