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Becoming Ultra is a running story that has not been told yet. Runners all over the world decide every day that they want to do something BIGGER.  Something LONGER.  So they sign up for an Ultra.  We are here to share that story, in many different forms.  We also want to help you along your journey.  Whether Becoming Ultra inspired or informs you, we hope you come along and experience what many runners before you, and many after you will.  What it is like to Become Ultra!

Becoming Ultra is a website, podcast and community for aspiring ultra runners. Resources, inspiration, storytelling and coaching services to help you train for and complete an ultramarathon!

There is a lot to this project. Let us try to explain.

What is the Becoming Ultra Project:

Well, our team and the contributors to the site are always changing but you can expect to hear great interactive podcasts.  Learn from every day runners on the blog and the My First Ultra show and generally find content that will satisfy any future Ultra runners appetite.

NOW, we keep talking about runners.  This is where we need you.  The application to be a runner is on the home page! Share it with all of your runner friends.

Next, train for an ultra in 2022!

Go the distance, be more accountable with coaching!
Whether you are training for your first 50k or your 100th one hundred miler our high value, individualized coaching methods will get you where you need to be on race day!
Learn more about coaching and access all of the free resources Becoming Ultra offers now HERE!