BeAccountable Coaching [beta]

Tapping into the power of accountability with coaching, storytelling, and community.

"Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results."

The Overview

Learn what is included with the BAC Program

Monthly Live Call

This is where a lot of the magic happens. Monthly calls based on a theme of your specific training and real time coaching that we share with our whole community!

One On One Coaching

Besides your monthly live call you will have access to your coach to stay fully engaged with any changed to your training, schedule, and goals!

Weekly Check-ins

Stay on track with regular check-in sessions via text and email.

Team BU 

You get to be a part of the team! More accountability built in and more access to resources only available for Team BU members. It's the most supportive group of runners you'll meet!

Other details, FAQ's...

What exactly is the program again?

The BeAccountable Coaching Program is our standard one on one coaching with the best aspects of the Becoming Ultra Project, it's platform, and the supportive community. 

What is unique about BAC?

As most coaching programs ask that you are diligent with reporting your running and strength and prevention efforts, this program will ask for updates and that you share them with the community and the Team BU. We will also be sharing a monthly call that 1000's will be able to follow along with every step of the way. Oh, and we still need to see you report on the physical part of the equation still.

Who will be my coach?

The founder of Becoming Ultra and longtime coach, Scott Jones, will be coaching all of the runners in the beta version of this program. His unique skill set of getting the most out of his athletes and the experience with the media necessary to make this work makes this program possible. He has probably done more V02 max tests on athletes than any podcaster in history and is still proud to be in the industry he loves and studied for at Marshall University over 14 years ago with his M.S. in exercise science. Have questions? Email him at Remember though, we are only opening limited spots this first year!

How long will the program last? 

This first go round we are asking the runners who apply to have a race or event to train for in April or May of 2018. Ideally, the Zion Ultras, as we have partnered with them and will be on site to cheer you on along with many others in the Becoming Ultra community! 

So, you are committing to 7 months of coaching.

Do I get a running and training program to follow? 

Yes you do. A customized and liquid plan that takes into account that life is happening. We don't do cookie cutter. Most good coaches don't.

Who shouldn't apply?

This is going to push you outside your comfort zone physically, mentally, and socially. If you aren't comfortable trying new things and being bold, we doubt this is for you.

Why is the price so low?

It really is by the way. $150/month for the 7 months is more than 30% off of our typical coaching costs. Simply, it's a new concept and we want to make it more appealing. Ohhh, big marketing secret there;)!

Okay, I am ready to do this, what now? 

Well, you do have to apply for the program since we can't take everyone this first year. Applications close on September 28th, 2017. Runners are chosen on September 29th and the first live call is the first week of October!!!! You can apply anytime until 9/28/17!