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Band Together April Run Recap!

The first ever Becoming Ultra Band Together Virtual Race was an astounding success! 

Over 100 runners thumbed their noses at pandemic-induced stressors and shutdowns and celebrated running — safely and responsibly and at least 6 feet from one another. 

We ran together throughout the United States AND India! Runners represented 29 states including Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, AND Wyoming! 

Some ran on beautiful mountain trails, some looped their neighborhoods, some ran on treadmills, and one particularly crazy person did loops around the inside of his house wearing a weight vest. 

Scott and Liza got race updates and recaps from runners throughout Saturday and Sunday. Thank you to all the racers who called in! Our goal is to hear from everyone. We have some excellent interview ideas and trash-talking planned based on the results below. 

The 1-mile was won outright by Ileana Cazan in Raleigh, NC in 7:53! One mile is probably the hardest distance to pace and race well. We’re hoping more people take on this challenge in May and give Ileana even more folks to beat. 

The 5k had 16 participants and was won by Joshua Daily in 21:47 and Alexis Carter in 29:38. Joshua sped through these miles in Oregon while Alexis crushed them in Texas. 12 year-old Asa Howard was a not-too-distant second in 23:03. Word is that Asa’s out for blood in the second race. Can Joshua hold him off? Will Texas be too hot for speed by then?

Rob VanHouten and Lisa Krantz won the 10k. Rob stayed in front of 24 other racers and finished with a smoking 40:49 in North Carolina. Lisa ran 54:16 up in Boston, Massachusetts and paid tribute to the marathon she wasn’t running this year. Will they be able to hold onto these titles in the second virtual race? Is there a fast Canadian out there who can beat this time and add another country to our participant list? 

The competition in the half was stout. Paul Zani took the win in Tennessee running a strong 1:29. Paul had nothing to fear from Liza Howard who won with 1:38 in Texas. Rumor is Liza’s not going to wait until it’s 90 degrees to run the next virtual half. Can she squash Paul in cooler temps? Or will any of the other 36 runners be back to make him work for the prize? 

Will Anderson and Colleen Jay destroyed the 50k, the series’ most competitive distance. Will struggled with wind, rain, and a really angry Achilles in Midland, Texas to win in 4:39:56 circling his neighborhood on the road an obnoxious number of times. Colleen was right behind him on a treadmill in North Carolina. She ran 4:40:50. The second place runners, George Sefzik and Lea Ivy were only ten minutes behind. Who will take the overall win in May? 

In the vertical realm, Chris Daughtery clobbered the 10k competition with 3,314 feet of gain. How can he top that next month? Salley Hernandex climbed 3,852 in the half marathon in San Diego. And Brian Ricketts managed to get 6,769 feet of vert running 50k in San Antonio, Texas! Word is that Casey Murrell, also of Texas, is looking to take Brian down next race. 

In the “You Shall Not Pass! CoronaVirus” division, winners were: 

Mindy Clarke for running in snowshoes after a storm buried her 5k route.

Karan Chakravarthy for running a 5k PB (PR) while on pretty strict lockdown in India. 

Liz Caldwell for persevering through piles of snow to run the lowest 5k of her life. 

Shannon Ellis for placing 7th overall in the 50k despite losing a crown mid-race and enduring a horrific port-o-potty. 

Maya de Leon for running the most looped 50k course. 

Grandy Carden for running the half marathon in his house wearing a 30 pound vest! 

Please post pictures of your fabulous prizes as you receive them. 

The next race is May 16th. Sign up soon! We’re aiming for at least 50 more runners, two more states, and at least one more country.  (Come on South Africa!) 

Written by our favorite Liza Howard!


Scott is the founder of Becoming Ultra and spends most of his time with his family and ideas to get people moving!