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Be Ultra Running League

Be Ultra Running League

What’s that saying “when life gives you lemons…”, well, 2020 sure has thrown us one doozie of a vertical ascent, but as a community of like minded runners we don’t have to let that slow us down, we do what we do best, adapt, and excel.  Enter the Be Ultra Running League, because if the game changes, we change with it.  

At Becoming Ultra we realized now more than ever the importance of human connection, camaraderie, and the need for a goal so we hatched the idea of all ideas and we want you to be a part of it!

Imagine four friends coming together for an epic challenge of running and strength.  Now picture going head-to-head with a new team each week (think final four, only way cooler).  Now imagine we dropped a link for you to register for such an epic adventure(below).  

We couldn’t be more excited to roll out this new Fall challenge, so if you’ve been looking for the kick in the pants to get out there again, this is it!  You can do it by yourself, or register a team of four.  

More details are laid out below, and if you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us!  We can’t wait to see you on the start line of the newest Becoming Ultra adventure!

The Details:

Each League will be 6 weeks long (there will be two options available to fit your schedule), consisting of 4 person teams (you can register a team or as an individual).  You will go head to head each week with a new team in challenges like the Beer mile, vertical challenges, etc.  Each team will take a win/loss/draw and get points that reflect their position. The team with the most points at the end is declared the most epic team the Be Ultra Running League has ever seen.

The week’s challenge will be sent via email and video from the commissioner(s) every Sunday to start prepping for the week ahead. Some might get you out of your comfort zone physically, and some mentally. We will also share how the scoring for the week will go in the weekly email as different formats will score differently. Some challenges may be pass or fail and some will be based on hard metrics. Either way, you’ll have a focus every week that so many of us have lost since March of this year!

Here’s an example of the standings and what they’ll look like, (this is for the NBA, but you get the gist of it)

What you’ll get:

By registering either yourself or a team you will receive the most epic support from your teammates, awesome challenges, accountability that we all know we are lacking as this crazy 2020 keeps going on.  Most importantly you’ll get the backing of  an online community that will challenge you to be and do better every day, while pushing your competitive edge just a little.  We might even be able to get the powers that be to throw in some swag for the team as well and we will always give running tips because that’s what we do!

Registration Details:

Registration will open on September 25th.   

It will close either when we have the number of teams we need(16 max per league), or by Midnight on Saturday October 3rd.

The first week challenge begins on October 5th!

So, grab your BRF’s and get registered, because space is limited and this League starts October 5th.

Cost is: $95 per runner/ or $350 for a team of four

For more information, and questions you may have feel free to reach out to burunningleague@gmail.com

Register as an individual: $95

Register as a team: $350