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Be Ultra Strength For Runners

Becoming Ultra is excited to offer in-depth, custom designed VIRTUAL strength and conditioning programming just for runners.

Our weekly workouts are designed by exercise physiologists and professional run coaches to give you guidance, structure and to ensure you are doing the proper movements to reach your goals!  Most of the programming is built out to supplement run only training to ensure you are well rounded for your overall goals.

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Why this program now?

We have been prescribing strength for our own runners for years and over these years we have had multiple coaches reach out for solutions for their runners. Finally, we have the chops online to make it what we imagined we could!

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The Details:

The one overwhelming thing we have learned from coaching virtually the last few years versus the first 15 years of coaching athletes primarily in person is that simplicity is key. So, we are keeping this program simple.

  • Every Monday we will do a live video explaining the needs of the coming week from equipment to the physiological goals to the potential intensities of the training so you can prepare mentally and physically.
  • Every Tuesday we will release the first of two training sessions.
  • Every Thursday we will release the second of the two sessions.
  • These videos will range between 10-30 minutes.
  • The first session of the week will typically be core and bodyweight focused. It will be difficult but we will give modifications to cover the differences of the levels of the runners.
  • The second session will be more resistance based training.
  • All movements will have a purpose specific to the needs of runners.

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We know you’ll join us but in case you need more info…

Why should I be doing strength and conditioning training?

To build a strong foundation from the ground up. No cookie cutter workouts or guesswork, this training will supply you with unique weekly workouts designed just for trail runners so you know exactly what you should be doing to become a stronger, more injury proof athlete. 

Injury prevention:  
Injuries typically occur because a runner has exceeded the body’s capacity to manage the load (of running). Our programming introduces proper loading of the tissues in a controlled and structured manner.
Stronger muscles protect the joint structures and our strength + conditioning workouts target weak spots for runners including glutes, hamstrings and deep hip stabilizers (core). Lastly, you are only as solid as your foundation!

Don’t worry about barriers.

If you don’t have a bunch of equipment or what you think is necessary don’t worry. We promise you will be able to get a lot out of this programming.

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Your Strength Coach

Along with founding Becoming Ultra years ago Scott Jones has his M.S. in exercise science. He has trained athletes from every background and level in just about every sport. Adapting his knowledge from 20 years of experience to specific needs of runners has been a unique passion of his over the last 5 years! The workouts will be fun, challenging, and unique to this program!


We are keeping this as simple as possible. With the 4 live calls and 8 training sessions every month we are charging $25/month for the first 100 athletes. You can register here.