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Becoming Ultra in 2021

Are you planning on running your first Ultra marathon in 2021?!?

We are creating a community experience around the accomplishment of completing your first ultra marathon in 2021.

Step 1:  Find an ultra at:  Ultrasignup.com  or Ultrarunningmagazine.
Step 2:  Commit now and register!
Step 3:  Join the community HERE for camaraderie and to share your journey with others that have the same goal!
Step 4:  Let the world know that you are Becoming Ultra in 2021!  Studies show that people are 80% more likely to reach their goals when they let someone know about it.  Make sure to tag us @becomingultra
Step 5:  Read stories and listen to our podcasts of other’s first ultra experience and then share your own.
6. Get support!  We provide some pretty amazing coaching services for all budgets.  Learn more and get some guidance from the best in the biz working with new ultra runners now HERE

We want to hear and share your story!!

“My First Ultra” is what we hope will become the biggest collection of runners’ first ultra ever.  Whether you DNFed (did not finish) or absolutely exceeded all expectations, we want to hear from YOU.

Who do we want to hear from?
Anyone and everyone willing to share the story about their first ULTRA.  We will have world class ultra runners and everyday runners you have never heard of and hopefully everyone in between.

Why are we doing this?
Running is such an amazing sport and platform, escape, art, feeling, and adventure.  Everyone, we feel, everyone has a crazy running story and we are willing to bet a bunch of those crazy stories are from the first time you laced up your running shoes and tried to go further than ever before.

What are we looking for?  Two things.

1.  An honest written account of your first ultra.  As many or as little detail as you feel is necessary to give us, the reader, a true feel for what you went through during your first Ultra race.

2.  Come on the BECOMINGULTRA  podcast and share your first Ultra story with us and our listeners.  Our host will ask all of the questions and you just have to share.

Either way, we would be honored to share your story.

The BECOMINGULTRA Project is currently capturing the stories of two runners who haven’t competed in anything longer than a half marathon. They will have a “My First Ultra” Story soon too but until then, we want to hear from you!

All you have to do is:

A.  Fill out this form in a simple Q & A format to account your journey to your first ultra.

B. Send an email PODCAST in the subject line and we will coordinate a time to record via phone, Skype, or Google hangout.

Send all emails to contact@becomingultra.com