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Becoming Ultra Season 7!

Season 7 and the 2019 Schedule!

Becoming Ultra Season 7 is upon us here in 2019!

What exactly is in store? A whole bunch of vert to say the very least, but offerings of beautiful and scenic places along the way doesn’t hurt (although the training might be challenging and the races difficult).

We have decided here to give Team BU and any others wanting to join us more of a variety of opportunities to gather across the nation throughout the year that will aid in train-throughs peaking (see what I did there?) at the climax of Season 7.

Listen to the podcast version of this page!

The quick look:

All of the details are below but the year and what to expect in a few lines right below!

  1. We are scheduling out the whole year with many more opportunities for people to connect in real life.
  2. We will be launching applications for Season 7 in mid February, stay tuned.
  3. We are ready to coach and hold you accountable. More details below.
  4. We have a schedule of events ready to go and featured below. Zion and Blue Ridge in April, Colorado in June, Wisconsin in Aug, Colorado Trail Camp in Sept, and Cloudsplitter in Virginia in October!

Trail Camp in September

On of our favorite running weekends of the year in September in the beautiful Rocky Mountains! All the details are here. It’s more than half full already!

The Main Race

After much deliberation, we are moving Season 7 to the east coast in the Appalachian Mountains, deep in extreme southwestern Virginia.

Remember, for those who listen to the podcast, Steph’s second attempt at a 100 miler at Cloudsplitter? If not, we’ll tell you all about it. The challenge is there in Norton, Virginia. A race that offers a 40 hour cut-off for all distances right up through the 100 miler.

The distances they offer are 25k, 50k, 100k, and 100 miler, plenty of distances for people to choose from, and it supports a race in a very welcoming southern hospitality town, low key, and yes, very challenging.

The 25k

The 25k climbs up from the town of Norton to High Knob Tower, ascending 4500 feet in just 18 miles, and most of that is in the first half! It’s a simple out and back.

The 50k

The 50k continues on past High Knob along a rough trail to Edith Gap and then returns back to Norton, just short of 31.5 miles with ~7,700 feet of gain and matched by loss as well!

The 100k

The 100k is a beast and is said to feel as hard as a normal 100 miler, as said by some. Starting in the town of Norton, the 100k climbs up and out the same way the previous distances do and out past Edith Gap, heading towards Little Stony, then turning around and heading back to High Knob, and heading south to Devil’s Fork Loop, for one single loop about the devil of a trail there. Here you are rewarded with a view of the Devil’s Bathtub (google it, it’s really cool looking!), before having to climb out at mile 53 or so, and it’s a brutal climb going mostly uphill for the next 8-9 miles, but the first 2 will be the steepest! From the end of the loop and out, you head back to the start/finish the way you came. The total ends up being around 68.5 miles and amounting to about 16,000 feet of vert!!

The 100 Miler

The 100 miler is a beast of the east. The 100 miler heads up out of Norton the way the 100k does, goes out to Little Stony and a short out and back from there, and then back to High Knob, then back again but only out to Bark Camp Lake (between Little Stony and Edith Gap), and back to High Knob. From there, it delves down to the Devil’s Fork loop where you go around and around again, double the fun right? Then heading back out to the start/finish totaling about 103 miles and with over 26,000 feet of gain and another 26,000 feet of descent. Whew!

What can we do to help you take on this challenge? Coaching? Accountability?

We have it set up throughout the year with a variety of races and locations.

Other Becoming Ultra Events for 2019

Overlook on Mill Mountain on the Blue Ridge Marathon course.

We are going to start off the year with two events, both on the weekend of April 12th, opposite coasts.

Blue Ridge and Zion

First off is the Blue Ridge Marathon (also offering a 10k, half, and double marathon), a road marathon nestled in Roanoke, Virginia that is truly scenic along the Blue Ridge Parkway, taking you up 3 mountains (2 for the half, and 1 for the 10k, 6 if you do the double of course) with almost 4000 feet of vert and expecting the same amount of descent, and most of that is in the first 22 miles.

A true early season challenger. On the other hand, Becoming Ultra will be at Zion Ultra Marathons in Virgin, Utah. Like Season 5, we are revisiting this gem for a little get-together since so many on Team BU wanted another go.

As of writing this out, the half and 50k are sold out, but you can still get in the 100k and 100 miler! Take a listen back on the podcasts for details about this beautiful race. Get up the mesas!

Next, we are doing two intermediary races.

Dirty 30

Scott loves Colorado, has he mentioned that enough? It’s about time we go visit him too. So on June 1st our event will be the Dirty 30 Golden Gate 50k and 12 miler.

Two great distances to choose from in a really solid time of the year in Black Hawk, Colorado. But you aren’t going to get off easy for this race either as we continue to build towards the Season 7 race. The 50k, just over 32 miles, gains an incredible 7250 feet, and AT elevation close to 7750 feet above sea level, so get your lungs prepped for this one! No one said this would be easy. The 12 miler gains about 2000 feet over its own course if you think you’d get off easier with that one. Both challenging and both rewarding.

The Badger

Badger Trail. Photo Credit: Scott Kummer.

The next one will take place in Belleview, Wisconsin, when we go visit Steph up in the frozen tundra…well, it won’t be so cold in August! The Badger Trail Race by Ten Junk Miles Racing offers many distances in this inaugural race settled down below Madison, Wisconsin. This will take place on August 3rd and 4th, and also offers us many race distances for those who want a training race or a race that will offer you a flat, non-technical, and fast PR potentially! Choose from the half marathon, 50k, 50 miler, 100k, and 100 miler, all featuring Scotty’s (from Ten Junk Miles podcast) favorite tunnel.

One of the key things we are going to do for these smaller events is have activities surrounding the events so you don’t have to necessarily be doing the event to have fun. We will have an itinerary for each one, from nights out on the town, to hikes and trail teachings away from the main course or action, showcasing what the areas have to offer. Interested more in Team BU? Check us out!

So here is a graphic to make it all bite-sized for you:

Here are links to the race sites for more info:

Cloudsplitter http://www.cloudsplitter100.com/CSHome.shtml
Zion https://vacationraces.com/ultras/zion/

Golden Gate Dirty 30 http://dirty30.org/golden-gate/

Badger Trail Races https://www.tenjunkmiles.com/tjmracing/

Blue Ridge Marathon https://www.blueridgemarathon.com/

Will you be up for the challenge of Becoming Ultra in 2019? Will you join us? Check out our team page, Team BU. Want some coaching along the way, or have your own plans and ideas? Check out our coaching page!