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Runners helping small biz!

If you are a runner or aspire to be or are affiliated with a business in the outdoor running world or, just about anyone.... We would love to hear from you. Coming from the live event world, sponsorships were always such a pain to manage. But, helpin [...]

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Season 8.5 Challenge List

Season 8.5 has many unique features for the runners. Not only are their 8 runners and 4 coaches, there are challenges built into the season for the two teams to compete against each other. The list below is subject to change but as of July 20th, is t [...]

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Are you ready to run?

Are you ready to run? There was so much to unpack in our show with Dr. Josh Jones that we wanted to flesh it out with the most important takeaways from his conversation with Scott several weeks ago about running injuries. If you missed this [...]

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Common running injuries and how to prevent them

Check out the latest episode of the Becoming Ultra podcast where Scott sits down with his cousin Josh Jones, Doctor of Physical Therapy, to answer your questions about injuries associated with running. Stress fractures in the feet. Ankle sprains and [...]

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Race Director Preview: Antelope Canyon 55k

Antelope Canyon is a pristine combination of past and present. Where the rocks tells the stories of a changing landscape and runners tell stories of their time spent covering the sometimes brutal and technical trails of Arizona. Not too far from Lake [...]

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Key Winter Gear and Why

There is no denying it's that frosty time of year again for a lot of us, and every year people tend to struggle with what to buy to help them train through the chilly conditions. It is always said there is no bad weather, just bad clothing choices. S [...]