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The second call was more about the nuts and bolts of the project.  First, what are the philosophies of the coaches for the Becoming Ultra project?  We go over base work, speed work, strength, cross training, recovery, and nutrition.  They both have their own style and it is pretty cool to hear how they will be applying to their athlete.  We talk about the logistics of the project which is still and probably will always be a work in progress.  How often will we do Google Hangouts On Air? Podcasts? How much will the coaches share with the public? When will Matt be shooting the video of the runners?  All fun stuff and all the details that need to be addressed.  Lastly, we introduce the runners in two short video’s within the Google Hangout.  Their reactions were great and we think they will make for great follows!  For some reason, we didn’t get audio of the runners on the podcast so if you want to see that, watch the video below.

Coming this week:

  • Both coaches will be meeting and recording a portion of their initial consult. We will share asap.
  • Matt Trappe will be contacting to get some video for a teaser we will use to show potential sponsors the scope of the project.
  • We will plan on individual podcasts with the runners to learn more about them.
  • The runners will get a schedule for writing and videoing part of their journey.

Enjoy the video and/or podcast and if you think someone might like to follow, we would love if you shared what we are doing with Becoming Ultra!




Scott is the founder of Becoming Ultra and spends most of his time with his family and ideas to get people moving!