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Michele Yates and Bailey Black are on the  show to share the journey of the Becoming Ultra Project.  Michele, a world class ultra runner is coaching the ultra newbie and they have already run into a snag.  This snag, ITBS, ends up being the main focus of the show. We talk injury prevention, treatment, and how tough it is mentally to deal with chronic injuries.  You may be checking your shoes before this episode is over. Oh, and if you don’t know what ITBS is, LISTEN!

Coming this week:

  • Ian Sharmen and Jules will be recording on Wednesday via Google Hangouts.
  • Look for a couple new posts and videos from Jules and Bailey soon enough.  Al this runningm akes these deadlines tough.

Enjoy the video and/or podcast and if you think someone might like to follow, we would love if you shared what we are doing with Becoming Ultra!




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