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Ticks, Poison Ivy, 100 milers, food cravings, 15% grades, mountain lions and quads oh my!

Let’s catch you up with some of the podcasts as of late. Looking back, we’ve put out a lot of useful info on our weekly BU podcast featuring Rebecca from Team BU, who was in Steph’s neck of the woods for a few days! After a local group run, they bring up concerns of other runners on the pod: poison ivy and ticks!

We also bring back Payton to the podcast. This girl with her heart of gold has her eye set on her first 100 in August. She is working her way off the waitlist with great anticipation!

Heather and Liza also are back after Heather’s quick time off due to sickness (Spring is in the air! Literally.). They really dig into the 15% grade workout that she will need for Cloudsplitter. How did she do?

Side stitches and nutrition are complicated issues when it comes to ramping up. Here Chelsea and Ellie chat it up on a coaching call discussing all these things and more. See what this episode has to offer, further supporting that everyone is built differently.

If you want something a little different, Scott and Liza get together on the matter of Mountain Lions!! We know it has been a hot topic in trail running lately.

Scott also gets back together with a coaching call with Ilena. She’s heading off to Romania for some really exciting, hilly (understatement), runs out there! She’s having a little bit of a hard time with her workouts, let’s listen in and see what solutions can be derived.

Lastly, don’t forget about the mini pods done by Shanna Sears on the Be Ultra podcasts! Little tidbits of life advice to be you best ultra self.

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Stephanie Dannenberg

Steph has been running really far in really hot, cold, dry, and rainy places. She is the newest coach for Becoming Ultra and contributes on the podcast regularly!