Season 4: 25 A new injury to worry about and the lowdown on pace charts.

Rebecca has about a week before her first 50 mile ultra run. Why is her knee hurting her now? Liza also dives into the how and why for pace charts for a first ultra. And, travel logistics for the out of town event.  Enjoy the show. Other links and resources: To Andrew Skurka’s pace chart info: http://andrewskurka.com/2017/pace-chart-tutorial-step-1-landmarks-course-data/ To the Band ...

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Season 4:23 Grady’s big decision.

Ultra running ain’t easy. Training for these events isn’t either. Grady has been through the ringer lately and has some news to share. It’s not always pretty but it’s usually worth it. Have you ever had to make a similar decision? We would love to hear from you!   Grady’s most recent post on FB:

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