Season 4:18 I hate hills. A confession.

While all of you are looking for hills to run, Rebecca has to drive two hours to get away from them.  We try to put a bandaid on this issue as well as add serious training tips to the issue.  Also, a public service announcement regarding NSAIDS and running. Seriously y’all.  Enjoy.  

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Season 4:16 Training plans as jello and marathon recovery.

We dive into Liza’s analogy game and the training plan for the next couple months leading up to Rebecca’s first 50 miler.  We have a chance to talk about recovering from her marathon last week and the mental side of prepping for a much longer effort in only two months.  Enjoy the show, and while you’re at it, come hang ...

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Season 4:15 Into the minds of Grady and Ian.

Last week we delved into what Liza and Rebecca thought about on their training and race day runs so we wanted to see what Grady and Ian thought about out there on their runs! Do they ever think of quitting? What food do they crave the most? Who do they think of out there? How often do they think of ...

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