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Coaches And Presenters

Our Coaches and Presenters

NOTE: Our presenters change year after year but these are some of our favorites!

Besides being home to some of the most epic views, trails, and mountains, Colorado attracts some of the best minds in health, fitness, and sports performance.  We are lucky enough to have some of them contributing to the education of the runners at our camp!  We will confirm all presenters and coaches 6 months before camp. Most come back but we always add new and interesting people to our team!

Scott Jones, M.S. With over 14 years as an exercise physiologist, coach, trainer, and entrepreneur, he is the organizer of the camp and the Becoming Ultra project. When he isn’t deferring his expertise to the smart people around him, he is coaching up any and everyone from potential NFL athletes to future Olympians, Ironmen, and ultra runners!
Lauren Jones, B.S. Lauren has been coaching athletes for over ten years. Her passion for the outdoors and running trails is only matched by teaching newbies to the sport how to do it better! Confirmed sessions: PiYo for athletes and why mobility is so important for trail runners.
Jason Fitzgerald (www.strengthrunning.com) The founder of the super popular website and coach has a passion for trail running and teaching runners how to be as durable as possible for as long as possible. Confirmed Session: “Injury prevention for runners, a practical look at exercises that will keep you healthy.”
Carrie Lane, M.S., CSCS With experience coaching some of the best athletes in the world at some major universities, Carrie brings a ridiculous amount of knowledge to endurance sports, and trail running. Confirmed Session: ” The physiological needs of the trail runner.” Time to geek out on the science of what you love!




Christy Burns, LPC Christy is an avid runner. Like, over 30 marathons and tons of ultras to her name. She works as a therapist and counselor professionally and brings a unique perspective to the mental side of becoming a better runner. “It is inevitable that the body will begin to break down and want to quit during long distance ultra events, the part that we have control over is how we train our mind to overcome those thoughts and feelings so that we can keep coming knowing that we’ll get there.”