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Monica Conquers the 200km

Absolutely no spoilers, right? Mo from Team BU set out with the ambitious goal of completing the Franklins 200km Ultra Marathon this past week, double the distance she had ever run before, and did it. She crushed it. And she will most certainly tell you all about here! We ask her what spurred this notion and asked what’s next!

Payton and her love of Ultras

Another Team BU member, we get Payton on the line for the first time in our podcast series. Payton joined us for Zion back in 2018, and finished up Bandera in 2019. Her next step was to keep active and move forward with her big goals of the year with the formal Sean O’Brien 50k out in California. But what happened was unexpected. What went on and where are we going Payton?

Andrea Chats it up with Goals

We had the opportunity to talk a little with Andrea and her goals for 2019. Andrea, also from Team BU, dreams big. And why the heck not? She has been plowing through winter like no ones business too, racking up the miles and pounding out the workouts to accomplish big goals for this year including her first 50 miler at Yeti. It’s difficult juggling work and kids too. Here is her talk.

If you’d like to get in on this action too, think about joining us at Team BU if it sounds like a crowd you’d wanna hang with! Keep in mind Season 7 applications are open, but just for this week. If you’ve been yearning for that 50k ultra marathon, or it has been weighing on your mind, and possibly legs, hop on the application.

Stephanie Dannenberg

Steph has been running really far in really hot, cold, dry, and rainy places. She is the newest coach for Becoming Ultra and contributes on the podcast regularly!