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Matt Fitzgerald again shares his approach to training for his first ultra coming up in the next month.  He has been running carb fasted for some pretty big runs and the outcome is pretty interesting.  We talk a bit about his most recent blog regarding NOT going fat adapted and what he ate before his recent Napa Valley Marathon.

What are the next couple weeks looking like and what big project is he working on today?  All this and more on the Fitz Ultra show.

The project with Iron Cowboy.



Scott is the founder of Becoming Ultra and spends most of his time with his family and ideas to get people moving!

2 thoughts on “Fitz Ultra:09 Fat Napa: Three cold sausages, three cold eggs, 26.2 miles.”

  1. Regarding the high carb v high fat debate, I think that it is a case of figuring out what is best for you. Despite running ultras while following the standard dietary guidelines I had 25% body fat and was overweight. Last August after a multi-day event I felt sick after using traditional high carb gels and sports drinks to get me through, so I gave the low carb high fat approach a go. For a about 6 weeks it was a struggle and my times dipped, but after that period I had lost 14lbs (all body fat) and my times began improving. Since then I have PR’d at 5k, 10k and 50 miles (entire fuelling during my 50 mile PR consisted of three sachets of almond butter and water). After tough workouts and races my muscles aren’t as sore as they used to be (from what I understand sugars promote inflammation) and I don’t suffer from dips in energy throughout the day like I did before. Additionally, my most recent health assessment showed that my cholesterol levels had improved and my metabolic efficiency test was the best that they had seen in the clinic for many years.

    On the other hand, my wife does very well on a high carb diet. There isn’t a standard one-size fits all approach to nutrition, it entirely depends on the individual.

  2. Hey Chris, Thanks for sharing. Largely, people do need to figure out much of the nutrition piece for themselves. Glad you’ve found some success! Thanks for listening too.

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