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Note: Along the way the Becoming Ultra runners will be contributing regular written and video posts.  This is the first installment!


“What did I get myself into??”

I think as I lace up my shoes for the fifth time this week, as I pound out the first few miles, grudgingly complain under my breath up each big hill, or step on the treadmill (because on work days that’s the only option). I am running A LOT. Perhaps you’re snickering as you read this, because YOU would know training for an ultra marathon would mean a lot of running – plus some. Well yes, I did too, in theory. But to feel each mile added to my week underfoot is another thing. I feel the miles in sore muscles as I roll out. I feel the miles in my ever-hungry tummy. But mostly I feel the miles in my already full schedule.

Alarm clock. Banana pancakes. Pack lunches. Drive to school. Grocery shopping. Laundry. Pay bills. Lift weights. Shower. Beat the school bell. Friends at the playground. Drive home. Art project. Clean up. Homework. Cook dinner. Do dishes. Play with pet rats. Feed fish. Bath. Ready for bed. Books. Lights out. Quiet talk about the day. Goodnight. Clean up. Study for work. Plan for tomorrow. Day is done.

Single parenting is no joke. (Parenting is no joke!) I try to do a hundred little things, which I know are actually pretty big things to little people, and the day is done. With a lot of to-do’s still on my mind. Fitting in a run for myself almost everyday feels a bit frivolous…a bit selfish. But then I think of what I am getting, instead of what I am giving up. Time to myself to think and breathe. Sunshine. Solitude. Sanity. A challenge to face, and a commitment that I can model to my girls. And then I’m pretty sure I can fit ALL those runs in.



Scott is the founder of Becoming Ultra and spends most of his time with his family and ideas to get people moving!