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The sustainable show Part 1/2

How quick we fall in love with our projects.  When we started Becoming Ultra, it was just a basic video concept. It since has grown into a resource for 1000’s of Ultra runners and soon to be Ultra runner’s all over the world.

We really want to continue to grow but we need YOU!

Listen to the show and hear what our plans are to make this happen.  And, Thanks.

Becoming Ultra: The Sustainable Show 1/2

Instagram Takeover and Correspondents!

Are you going to be at a cool race where you live?  Competing in one?  Takeover our Instagram feed and share with the Becoming Ultra team and world.

Andddd, if you want to interview some first time Ultra runners while you are at it, get out your smart phone and correspond for us.  We will put the audio on the Becoming Ultra show and share with our growing audience of passionate runners!

Apply for either HERE.  We just want to know the events and dates that you want to cover!


We talk about ways you can support the content and the project.  Go to the support page to see all of the options to become a partner!


The Independent Ultra Course

As we mention in the show, so many of the inquiries we receive are runners looking for information without necessarily needing or wanting a full time coach.  And that’s awesome.  This course contains 24 individual sessions that cover everything from gear, to aerobic base, strength training, flexibility, warming up, injury prevention, crewing, and much more.

The course is meant to be slow released to you from three months out from your first or next ultra so you have applicable information along the way but, you can start the course anytime you like.  You will learn all along the way no matter your level or knowledge base.  (Check out a sample from the first email below the buy button)


You did it, you signed up right?

Well, even if you didn’t, there are a few things you need to know.  The first is that most people will never even take the first step to doing something they really want to do.  Fear paralyzes them.  The excuses get bigger and more justified the closer they get to hitting that “submit” button.

So, congrats.

You are running an Ultra.  You want this EPIC experience so now it is time to starting training for it.  There are tons of reasons you may have signed up for this course.  Maybe coaching wasn’t an option or you didn’t find a coach you liked.  Maybe you just like the feeling of succeeded on your own.  Maybe you just wanted to learn.  No matter the reason, you need to know a few things.

You need to know what could happen from this undertaking:

  1. You could suffer a chronic injury
  2. You could suffer an acute injury
  3. You may struggle getting all the training you want in  your schedule
  4. You might DNF (did not finish)
  5. You may finish, but just barely
  6. You may finish way faster than you imagined
  7. You might…okay let me stop.

Say this with me, “It doesn’t matter.”


 It really is about the journey.  The time you’ll spend training, learning, and growing from this experience outside the race day is 10, 20 or 50x.  We hope you lay out your expectations before you start.

Now that we got that out of the way…….


Independent Ultra Course

Thanks for visiting the site and listening to the show!