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We’ve all been there. We get a niggle, or something that seems to get progressively worse with every run, endless fatigue you can’t shake with any number of shots from Starbucks, or just this annoying no-name virus…

We head to our friendly neighborhood PCP for their thoughts. Their thoughts could be a range of anything from “it’s just a cold, take some rest” to “let’s order an x-ray”. Neither sentences we want to hear necessarily. But when push comes to shove we only have ONE body and we need to treasure it and treat it well in order to do the things we love. In the end we just want an answer whether we listen to it or not.

Go see a professional

For most of us, our primary care people are not athletes like us. They understand we do what we do, because we most likely do it often enough everyone has heard about it, and still try and provide the best care to their knowledge. To their knowledge is an important concept to grasp in this situation. Not all of us have the luxury to send ourselves off to the sports medicine doctor or have a PCP who is an athlete themselves (and point here is, if you can find one, hang on to them!). So we do what we can to get on with our lives given our current situation.

Every diagnosis can be a hunt for buried treasure. Digging through feet of loose sand, maybe feeling like we’re going backwards and why we even started asking questions? But as much as we try and listen and understand our own bodies (no one will know better than YOU), we don’t even have all the answers.

Maybe that niggle is something more serious, we’ve trained ourselves to accept more and more pain as time passes. It just ends up being for the best that we see someone and perhaps get something done about it. In the very least, if we can get an answer, then we can clear the air and our minds of what’s in the back of our heads as possibly something worse than a niggle.

2nd opinions

But say we successfully get through the appointment and there is some lingering concern that we can’t shake. You have the right to a second opinion. If at the appointment you don’t get what you are looking for, which is totally possible, tell the doctor that you would like a second opinion and to get it in writing. A record of what happens always helps. Sometimes you have be your own advocate! Stand up for yourself and how you feel.

If you feel a legit concern about a diagnosis, always get a second opinion. Not only will this give you more data about what you’re going through, but it will ease your mind and tension.

In some instances, we just don’t have a clear answer. We take the best advice, we google, we post in forums and group pages. Never underestimate the power of shared experiences and knowledge. That’s one reason we created Team BU, to have a resource of knowledge that others can have access to all the time.

In the end..

If you have the resources, and something is bothering you, get seen by a doctor. If you need more information or a second opinion, get that! Don’t let you hold you back. This is your life, your body, trying to do what you love to do. Information is powerful. It is our hope that these help you.

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Stephanie Dannenberg

Steph has been running really far in really hot, cold, dry, and rainy places. She is the newest coach for Becoming Ultra and contributes on the podcast regularly!