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Colorado Springs, CO

Where in Colorado do you live? 

Colorado Springs

How long have you been running?

Three years, racing for less than one.

What is the longest distance you have run to date?

13.1 miles

Why would you want to run an Ultra?

To be honest, I’m not sure what’s possessing me to run an ultra, but it’s something I can’t stop thinking about. It’s what I daydream about, it’s what keeps me from sleeping. I think it’d be a point from which I’d step away from who I’ve been into whom I want to become.

Tell us something unique about yourself.

I’m the firecracker comedian in my social circles, the jokester in my family, and I usually can make complete strangers laugh within seconds of meeting them, but I’ve struggled with depression for as long as I can remember. I’ve endured two depressive episodes, and both times I thought the world was ending. I’ve seen the darkest corners of the human spirit and it’s the reason I’m able to love people I’ve never met. After I finally found a medication that worked in 2013, it gave me a pretty odd hero complex, and now all I want to do is save the world and make people feel better about life. So I’m always cracking jokes.

What do you do for a living?

I bartend to pay for EMT school, but have my sights set on becoming a firefighter and a member of search and rescue. I work for outdoor youth camps during the summer.

Why do you want to be one of the two “Becoming Ultra” athletes?

After reading about Michele she just really seems like someone I could challenge myself to be like, and someone I’d hate to disappoint. I’ve never done something this intense, but my heart just whispered, “yes!”. In a big way, I want to stop being lazy and putting my dreams on hold, instead of wishing I was like a great athlete, I’d like to become her.

Have you ever quit anything?

Yes, when I was really sick in college I dropped out my second year after being a top student my whole life. It felt like everything I had going for me and everything I had ever defined myself by was gone. Like I was a total failure. For nearly a year afterwards I rarely got out of bed, hung out with dangerous people, and almost killed myself in a New Years Eve car accident. Quitting school led me to rock bottom, but waking up in that ER was also my inner awakening and since then I’ve learned to define myself on my own terms and to never give up on life.

Does filling this out make you excited, nervous, scared?

All three. I read somewhere that sometimes we fear a “yes” as much or even more than a “no” in the pursuit of our dreams. Right now I have to agree.

This is your last chance to tell us why we should choose you for “Becoming Ultra”.

I guess to sum things up, running is the thing that saved me. It saves me everyday. I never felt alive or free until I found it, and I’d like help in diving further in, to stop daydreaming and actually do something remarkable. I think under the weight of this heavy heavy world, there is still a universal human hope in the ability to rise above darkness, and I believe it can be manifested in a pair of running shoes. I guess if I can motivate anyone, especially anyone who is battling demons like depression or failure or loss, in seeking that out and finding the hero in themselves…well that would be quite a grand adventure. (and I’m not afraid of the pain it takes to get there.)

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Scott is the founder of Becoming Ultra and spends most of his time with his family and ideas to get people moving!