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Golden, CO

Where in Colorado do you live? 

Nestled in between gorgeous trails in Golden, CO.

How long have you been running?

Off an on since middle school (20ish years).

What is the longest distance you have run to date?

A half marathon.

Why would you want to run an Ultra?

Because it’s “insane.” Because it’s “impossible.” Because I constantly need to feel challenged to nurture my gratitude. Because I know that succeeding in something this big is incredibly empowering.

Tell us something unique about yourself.

I am a former Marine. I served as an Aircraft Rescue Firefighter from 1999-2003 in San Diego, CA and Iwakuni, Japan. I was also initial push into Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a Firefighter. I think it’s the best job in the world; though, if I say that in front of my daughters they remind me, “Besides being a mom…” “Well, of course!” I say, “Being a mom is the BEST.”

Why do you want to be one of the two “Becoming Ultra” athletes?

I’m a single mom of two young kids (ages 7 and 4). I have a job that demands quite a lot from me (in maintaining a high level of fitness and continuous skills training). I recently left an abusive relationship and am making a new life for myself. I have much to be grateful for, but my life is not simple or easy at the moment. I want to be an inspiration to someone out there following this adventure. I think many people could look at my story and say, “Well if SHE can do it, so can I.”

Have you ever quit anything?

A marriage of 10 years. My ex and I met in the Marine Corps when I was 20 and he was 21. We fell in love, had a great many adventures, including living in Japan for four years, and were happily married for several years. But after the birth of our first daughter, I realized there was a side to him I hadn’t seen before. He struggled with scars from a difficult childhood, a high stress job and alcoholism, and became very abusive. It didn’t happen overnight. We now had two young daughters and I thought staying together would be the best for them. I tried to be “better” in every way, thinking I could make things okay. I knew I was in a horrible situation but thought I was “strong” enough to endure for the sake of my kids, and that I was doing a decent job of hiding it from them. One day I realized I needed to take ownership in the current state of our relationship (allowing abuse to continue), and in what I was teaching my daughter by staying. So I packed up our suitcases and left. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been the best decision I’ve made as a mom.

Does filling this out make you excited, nervous, scared?

All three.

This is your last chance to tell us why we should choose you for “Becoming Ultra”.

Because I will make you proud.

May we share this application with the world?



Scott is the founder of Becoming Ultra and spends most of his time with his family and ideas to get people moving!