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Mo took advantage of her resource and had an unscheduled coaching call with Scott!

 Mo missed out on Javelina Jundred this year, the training just wasn’t there yet. Instead, she ran a marathon in Mexico (mixed trail and pavement) and had some issues at mile 23 with her lower body getting stiff. It’s pretty cool being from El Paso, TX and being able to head over the boarder for some races!

Mo’s longest run since May was 18 miles, a week before the marathon. Mo called out for help, and she loaded Scott down with her questions. Note, her biggest mileage week has been 45 miles so far.

Teetering on the edge of injury a lot of the time has kept Mo away from longer and harder efforts recently.

The picture on the right shows the section in Mo’s 200km race coming up that looks both intimidating and fun, depending who you ask.

Questions from the Coaching Call

  • Is the strength exercises Mo is doing good enough?
    • Nerves about a section in her 200km race (scheduled for February)
    • Weights and a 45lb bar
  • Wants a multi-day medal for the Franklin race series in two weeks, should she do it?
  • The week following the race series, what should Mo be doing training wise?
  • Hills haven’t been on the menu due to bursitis (although was probably from volume), should hills and speed be added to the agenda?
  • Thanksgiving week…what kind of mileage should Mo be shooting for? Maybe some back to backs!

Mo is coming out to help at Bandera and get in a 50k there with Team BU. Stay tuned to find out where Mo’s legs will take her!

Stephanie Dannenberg

Steph has been running really far in really hot, cold, dry, and rainy places. She is the newest coach for Becoming Ultra and contributes on the podcast regularly!