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BAC and Transrockies

The Transrockies race is a stage race that takes place over a few days. 6 days and 120 miles to be exact!

TransRockies Run is a trail running stage race also known as “Summer Camp for Big Kids”! A six-day stage race traversing the continental divide between Buena Vista and Beaver Creek, the route covers 120 miles through the spectacular Colorado Rockies with stunning fourteener views all along the route. At the end of each stage, runners gather in camp to recover, socialize and celebrate. Fully supported with tents, luggage service, mobile shower truck, catered meals and massage.


Our newest BAC athlete Ileana is going to be taking this one on this summer. It will be very interesting to see her journey as a multi-day stage race has not yet been covered on the podcast! Stay tuned for all her calls.

Be Ultra Podcast Series

Shanna Sears is heading up the brand new podcast series called Be Ultra.

This podcast is for anyone working hard to become their ULTRA best. I am striving to bring you tips, motivations, and ideas that you can implement into your life today to take you to your best self tomorrow. Be Ultra Living is about talking advantage of every moment life brings you and turning challenges into victories.  We will discuss time management, organization, basic nutrition, conquering self-doubt, multi-tasking and many other topics. Your dreams were not meant to be put on hold…believe in yourself and start taking the steps you need to take to Be Ultra!

Shanna Sears

Shanna is a great addition to the podcast content we share here at Becoming Ultra. What can you find through her series?

Make sure to keep up with this new and exciting series, and if you would like what we do and want more free content like this, consider donating to our Patreon!

Stephanie Dannenberg

Steph has been running really far in really hot, cold, dry, and rainy places. She is the newest coach for Becoming Ultra and contributes on the podcast regularly!