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Becoming Ultra [Off The Grid]

Becoming Ultra [OFF THE GRID]

For the last 3 years Becoming Ultra has been chronicling, inspiring, coaching, and sharing all things for beginner ultra runners.

This got us thinking, some of the runners we inspired to get out there and do epic things have done just that.  They have conquered their first ultra and there is a good chance they are looking for a different challenge.

We also know there are plenty of regular runners that listen and reach out because they love the stories so much.

Well, Becoming Ultra [Off The Grid] is for you.  You want a big challenge?  Okay, here we go.  Spots are very limited so once you read this page you probably should hold your spot!

What is the [Off The Grid] Experience?  

Well, way back in Season 4, when Rebecca was chasing cutoffs for a solid 8 hours, Scott Jones and Ricky Haro had a lot of time to get to know each other.  The seed to bring bigger and more unique experiences to this community was planted.  With the storytelling, coaching, and accountability from Becoming Ultra and the Wilderness Guiding expertise and running pedigree from Ricky, we came up with a hell of a concept.

The OTG Experience will be a 2-3 month deep dive coaching experience.  Not only are we going to be coaching you to be physically ready for the route(more on the route below) , we will be coaching on survival skills, mental toughness, wilderness first aid, logistics, overland route finding, and more.

Who are we accepting?

The route is not an ultra distance.  It’s around 22 miles. We would like to know that your current level of fitness is within striking distance of the route we document in the descriptions below.  Not sure if you are a good fit?  Just register, the mountains will let you know.   Training starts in June.

Who are the organizers? 

Scott Jones (founder of Becoming Ultra) and Ricky Haro (Rare Earth Adventures). Both avid outdoorsmen who have led routes up big mountains, directed races, coached athletes, and so much more.  I mean Ricky is a certified badass.  They will be doing all the prep work and coaching!!!

The Route

We were initially going to roll out information on the route slowly but we are too excited to not share this bad boy!

There were a few criteria we wanted for this challenge.

  1. That it is a route that most would not try on their own.
  2. That it was unique.
  3. That there was some overland travel.  Anyone can just follow a trail.
  4. That there was LOTS of gain.  Over 11,500 to be exact.
  5. That it could be done in one day in daylight.
  6. That it was in Colorado.
  7. That it could be a life changing physical and mental accomplishment.

Some stats on the route:

Max elevation:  14,406′

Min elevation: 9,882′

Average slope: 18°

Max slope: 49°

We summit four 14ers on the route:

  • Huron Peak — 14,003′
  • Missouri Mountain — 14,067′
  • Mt. Belford — 14,197′
  • Mt. Harvard — 14,420′

Check out the interactive map and profile below:

Other Details and Cost:

What is included:

  • Training and coaching.  We will have a custom training program for you based on where you live, your fitness level and experience, and the route we have chosen. We will be doing a coaching call every two weeks that will include the specific coaching goals for you and the skills coaching with Ricky.  Running 50 miles with a few thousand in gain is nothing like the gain you will experience at altitude with us!  This training IS NOT going to be easy.
  • Wilderness education:  Along with the physiological needs to go out and complete a challenge like this, we want to empower you to be able to go and do these types of adventures on your own.  That start with route finding, first aid,  logistics, gear, survival, and more.  We will be putting you through a legit education up until the day of the challenge.
  • Logistics:  The route, and transportation to the trailhead from your hotel or camp spot in the area as well as satellite text capabilities, first aid, and evacuation planning for any runners have a bad day out there including us.  It’s so much more than what we can explain.
  • Access on route:  We will be there for you on the day of the challenge to push physically and mentally but we expect you to have the mindset of being on your own.  This includes route finding.  We will be “on our own” out there as well.
  • Pictures and videos:  We will be documenting the whole journey for you which might be worth the complete cost!
  • Access: Ricky and Scott are happy to be able to answer any questions once you are signed on via text or messenger or even a call here and there. We want a confident and strong athlete to come to the day of the event!
  • Day after chill fest:  Recovery in Buena Vista and hang out to talk about the adventure we just had.  We want to be there to see how accomplished you feel and to laugh at the complete soreness:)

What isn’t included:

  • Any kind of guaranteed success.  We honor weather, obvious illness, injury, and daylight.  These aren’t the only things that can come in between us and the full route and we reserve the power to end the trip for any reason we want.  There are only a few ejection points so if you feel you are unable to continue, you’ll need to make that call out there based on the coaching.
  • Travel to and from the Buena Vista area.  We recommend getting to Colorado a couple days before to acclimate a bit but if that isn’t possible you will need to be there for the August 17th prep meal at 5pm.
  • We can give plenty of recommendations on acclimatizing routes and would be happy to get out there with you if you inquire.
  • Food and drink:  We will bring some nutrition for the route for ourselves.  It’s a very individual thing that will be covered in the coaching.



$1100 if payed up front.

*  We are happy to do a payment plan for the $1200 in 3 payments

** There are NO refunds for any reason

Register Now in Full ($1100):

Register now with 3 payments ($400 now, $1200 overall)

General Itinerary

Details subject to change but dates are not.

August 17th 

5pm Meet and greet over dinner with full overview in Buena Vista

8pm Suggested bedtime (we will strongly suggest camping at TH)

August 18th

On route between 3-4am

Finish in 12-17 hours before sundown

Pass out!

August 19th

Brunch and hangout before departure