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What Is Becoming Ultra? 

Becoming Ultra is a brand around a community of runners who want to do epic things.  You know, like run an ultra.  Every resource from Becoming Ultra is meant to teach, empower, and inspire runners to “Become Ultra” from the coaching services to the podcast, website, Team BU, and videos.


Who Is Involved With Becoming Ultra?
The project is being produced by Athlete On Fire, LLC. It is a health, fitness, and performance website and podcast with interviews and resources from the most amazing athletes on the planet. 

The best way to get acquainted with the brand and mission is to check out our Start Here (link) page. Read through and be sure to email us at contact @ becomingultra.com to learn more.

Why partner with Becoming Ultra?  

  • Ultra running is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing segments in running events. In fact, the number of ultramarathon races has tripled in the last decade.


  • As runners discover the world of running past marathon distance they will be seeking out additional resources and inspiration for their new found sport. 


  • While current films and documentaries and shows out there focus on the elites, our project is based around our target audience, everyday runners who want to take the next step.  


  • We believe we can be the bridge to these epic accomplishments with the right amount of inspiration and education. We need partners that believe in this ideal.

Have you seen enough?  Email us at contact@becomingultra.com to talk!

Media Examples

We have already begun creating engaging and interesting content.  Here are some examples:

Season One Completed Video


Here are a few samples of our audio content.  Great for runners you love to listen on the go.

Becoming Ultra: Episode 11

Heat training for Ultra’s, Jurek, Jornet, and coaching.

Like a good ultra, we were all over the place on this show but that made it very interesting.  Ian talks about a few athletes that he looks to in the sport that he competes in as well as some interesting things going on on the Appalachian Trail. He started his heat training for Western States and shares how he does this.  We also delve into coaching and what challenges come along with it. All in all, a very entertaining show if you like running and ultra running, as it should be!

Becoming Ultra: Episode 7

The guide for your next trail half marathon.

Ian Sharman will be coaching us through a trail half marathon.  What to do the day before? Morning of?  We go over the physical and the mental.  Trail etiquette and race etiquette.  We even go over post race nutrition a bit.  For anyone that needs it laid out just a bit more detailed.  This will be a good one to listen to. Plus, Jules is running one this weekend.

Becoming Ultra: Episode 8

Nutrition for runners from Ultra Runner and coach Michele Yates

We are still following along Bailey and her journey to becoming an ultra runner but this week we wanted to take a side road to learn more about basic nutrition.  We didn’t even touch on race day and runner specific nutrition but the episode is full of recipe ideas and general principles for you and anyone else wanting to eat better on a daily basis.  Enjoy the Becoming Ultra show!


We have some amazing contributors!

The running world has even more to be excited with Becoming Ultra with contributors and partners like


Interested in being a part of Becoming Ultra?

We would love the opportunity to speak with you or your whole team on how we can make this happen.  From the film to the podcasts, the ongoing content is always growing and changing. We can find something that makes sense.
Email us to set up a time to talk at contact@becomingultra.com
Thanks for taking the time to learn about Becoming Ultra, now, for the love of all that is good, go for a run!
Scott Jones