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Okay, so you sit all day, big deal!  You’re right, it is a big deal!  This very “activity” could be one of the major influences on your running performance or lack thereof.  If you missed it, check out this quick read about sitting.

If you have a desk job, commute long distances or spend the majority of your day driving from one appointment to the next, or you are constantly on planes traveling from one place to the next, you are wrecking major havoc on your pelvis and hips.  Maybe you’re already suffering from low back or hip pain or stiffness?  Maybe you’re experiencing knee discomfort?  Or maybe you’re feet/ankles are acting up yet again?  All of these symptoms could be partly due to improper mechanics of the pelvis/hips.  Check out Pelvis: 101 for further details.

If this is your world, I have good news for you!  There are very simple things you can do to decrease the negative impact sitting has on your health.  Even better news, most of these suggestions won’t cost you a dime!


Tricks for Keeping Your Pelvis on Straight

  • Standing Work Station:  Standing is far better for your pelvis/hip and overall health.  Ask for a standing desk at your place of work.  If you work from home, you can create a standing work station very easily.  Most people have counter tops that are high enough to spend at least a portion of your working day standing.  There is also a growing supply of standing work stations or even variable height desks available from a wide array of retailers too.  Gradually ease into standing during your work day.  Otherwise, your body might give ya some grief about standing all day suddenly if it’s been used to sitting all day, especially your feet.
    • Bonus to standing:  Kick your shoes off to get some barefoot work in.  Balance training is critical for injury prevention and is something that should be done at least 3-4 times per week. Stand on one leg for at least 60 seconds while working before switching.
  • Sitting on a Ball:  Sitting on a ball requires you to maintain better posture. This is hands down a better option than the most expensive ergonomic chair around.  The chair doesn’t require your body to do any work.  This works severely against us, just like super supportive motion controlling shoes.  Outside influences are controlling your body position instead of your muscles. Result – weaker muscles.  You’ll be working on your core strength and stability while sitting.  DO NOT sit on a ball for an entire work day to start!  This is something to ease into as well.  Start with sitting on a ball for just an hour out of your work day and gradually increase the time from there.
  • Take More Breaks:  Are you one of those people who get in a groove and the next thing you know hours have gone by and you haven’t left your desk.  Set a timer to go off every 60 minutes.  When it goes off, you must get up and move around.  Moving could just be standing up and marching in place at your work station.  If you’re hydrating enough, you should need to use the bathroom about once per hour.  A better break would involve walking around somewhere.  Heck, if you have access to stairs, you could go run up and down a couple of flights to add in some “hill training” while you’re at work.  Get creative!  Have fun with it!  This will not only brighten your day but will also increase your productivity, focus and help you feel better overall.
  • No Leg Crossing Please:  This is typically the hardest habit for us to break.  Place your hands on your true hips (where your legs attach to your body), cross your legs once and notice what happens.  Did you feel your pelvis/hips shift?  By crossing your legs, you’re already altering the positioning of the pelvis.  Prolonged sitting in the position canElements-are-small-icons-sports-make-in-active-running-man-shape-[Conver... be problematic.  You’re putting it into an “uneven” position, which is exactly what we’re trying to avoid.  Don’t stress about this, but if you notice you’re legs are crossed, uncross them.  Eventually, you’ll be crossing your legs less and less.
  • Remove the Wallet:  Guys, this is generally the toughest habit for y’all to break.  Keeping your wallet in your back pocket is highly convenient but very destructive to the function/position of the pelvis/hips.  You’re sitting on an uneven surface all day long.  When you sit, take your wallet out.  Put your wallet in your front pocket or, if you wear cargo pants, in your side pocket.  You could even keep your wallet in your coat pocket or just put it on your desk.
  • Implement Core Strengthening Exercises:  The above mentioned are a great starting place to decrease the daily negative influences.  If you really want to help improve the function of this region of your body, you’ve got to incorporate core strength training. Your core is one of the other major foundations in your body influencing all the way down to your feet and all the way up to your head. Remember, your core goes all the way around.  Everyone focuses on their abs, forgetting the back is part of your core.
    • Best bang for your buck core exercise is the plank.  It works the core all the way around.  Proper position – back is flat, your hands are directly under your shoulders and your head should be in line with your spine, face looking down.  Think about actively contracting all of your muscles in your core, abs, back, butt and pelvic floor muscles.  Hold the position for at least 60 seconds. Consistency is key.  Perform core focused work 3-4 times per week for best results.

Coming to you soon – Hip Series Exercises (Video) that really are a must for anyone, runner’s especially.  These little gems dramatically improve stability to the pelvis/hips and increase the endurance of some key musculature needed to improve performance while reducing risk for injury.  Until next time, happy running!


Scott is the founder of Becoming Ultra and spends most of his time with his family and ideas to get people moving!