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Winter is a harsh month, so hopefully these will help pass the time, whether you are out on your long run, or in a line of traffic waiting to get home, doing some cleaning in your house, or just learning some things before bed. As the snow falls here, I am reminded that time does not stand still just because the weather might not be ideal. Find some inspiration here.

Andi and Steph have a talk

Or a long talk

This is Steph and Andi’s first coaching call of the season! We sit back for a long chat about training and what’s going on and where we are going from here. Andi came with a load of loaded questions, and hopefully you will be able to gather some good advice for yourself as well.

Ginger does a Timed Event!

As much as any running information, time management for our runners is one of the biggest ways we can bring value to their coaching. Ginger has a crazy and stressful job and schedule which you will hear about a bit on the show today. She also just completed an 8 hour race and shares that experience. She just might have gotten lost.

What’s Going on Back there Scott?

Rob Steger vs Scott Jones and the Podcasts

Rob Steger of Training 4 Ultra has had a heck of a couple years since he changed his life and started running ultra distances.  He has recently written a book about his experiences. On the other hand, Season 7 for Becoming Ultra is launching right now.  The two founders sit down and interview each other about the respective projects that have the same goal, get people inspired to run! What inspires you to get out there?

Where will you go?

What are your goals waiting on? We are starting off this season 7 of Becoming Ultra with both the Blue Ridge Marathon on the east coast, and westward’s Zion Ultras in Utah. From there we are heading up to Colorado for the Dirty 30 50k and 12 miler. We will hit up Wisconsin heading back to the east coast for our season finale in Virginia with the Cloudsplitter 100 50k, so make sure you check out our Season 7 page!

We of course would love to have you at our events, whether running, volunteering, or crewing, or just hanging out. We’re creating ways for everyone to be a part of Team BU events at our featured events this year from guided hikes, to eating out on the town. Check it out on our facebook page!

Stephanie Dannenberg

Steph has been running really far in really hot, cold, dry, and rainy places. She is the newest coach for Becoming Ultra and contributes on the podcast regularly!