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We had three things to go over on this episode of the Becoming Ultra show.  The first had to do with what you are doing with our show. The second had to do with your first ultra ever. The third had to do with Krystal and Liza wrapping up the Season 2 podcast. Also, Warren Pole from the road in the USA on the road tour for 33 Shake.  Enjoy this episode of the Becoming Ultra show.


Please email us and tell us if you have been inspired by Becoming Ultra!

  • Did you sign up for your first Ultra?
  • Will you apply for season 3?
  • Are you listening on your runs?
  • Have you shared Becoming Ultra with your friends?

Listen to Warren from 33Shake talk about his USA tour from the road in a sweet minivan!  Hook yourself up, and Becoming Ultra below!

33 shake
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Scott is the founder of Becoming Ultra and spends most of his time with his family and ideas to get people moving!

1 thought on “Regarding us, regarding you, and what’s next.”

  1. G’day there,
    1. Totally inspired me to think and explore more the possibility of doing an ultra. There has been an itch there, and this website and the podcasts have scratched that itch, if I could say that. Awesome info, and heard some very inspiring stories. I would love to become ultra.
    2. About me, I’m 47, married , 3 kids, eldest 21 married, and two littlies, 18 months, and 4 weeks. live in New Zealand. heard about your website from Ben at mountain bike radio. I have run one half marathon some 6 years ago, last few years just running the local beach to keep fit and run the dog. I have had a operation recently , an atrial catheter ablation to fix Atrial fibulation. Seems to have been a success, but more time will prove it. My family doctor has done alot of Ultras, so I intend on picking his brain, and getting some advice on whether I could safely build up and complete an Ultra.
    Thanks for the inspiring articles. take care, keep moving

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