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Entrepreneurship has often been compared to a roller coaster ride.  Now throw into the mix staying at home with 2 kids full time and you are in for one wild ride!

Scott and I’s lives are a little hectic right now to say the least.  We do have schedules, which revolve directly around who is watching the kids and who has work time.  I get a 4 hour chunk for work on Mondays, Scott on Wednesdays.  I have the boys all day Friday, and Scott on Tuesdays.  Thursdays the boys spend the morning with me and the rest of the day at Grandpa’s.

But when it comes to a fitness routine, there is no schedule whatsoever.  Which sounds completely ridiculous coming from two people who have their degrees in exercise science and have been working in the health and fitness industry for years.  You’d think we would follow our own advice that we give all our clients:  plan your workouts into your schedule just like your meetings and doctors appointments.

Part of the problem is a time deficit.  Because we made the decision to not put our children in childcare and spend half our working hours with them, when do have free time, we feel that time should be spent working.  When you are self employed, your paycheck is directly effected by your time and effort.

family silly
These kids are crazy!!

But that is no excuse.  I have a blog, Running with Kids, where I recently wrote a post about this very topic “4 no excuse ways to fit in a workout“.   I need to take some of my own advice in that post to heart.

So this week starts a new me.  A me with a plan, with scheduled workouts in the books to make sure that they DO happen.  This means being uncomfortable, maybe less sleep, working out at odd times, and more stroller running miles.
The plan was to get more consistent with my running.  To make it a habit again, not a chore.  So this meant more days running, which ended up being 5 days and a total of 25 miles by the end of the week, woo hoo!

Here we go with week #4:


Bootcamp class + 5k on the track.  This was one of those days it wasn’t looking like a run was going to happen.  But at 5pm, just as the sun was setting I spotted a track.  I decided to get out there and run a 5k for time, 3.2 miles is better than nothing!   I am happy to report that I was able to manage negative splits on each mile, shaving off about 20 seconds per mile which felt great!


Ran 4 miles pushing West in the double jogger

me muddy BU
Mud everywhere!!


9 miles of the muddiest trail I have ever encountered!!  This run was a series of rolling hills, I gained about 1100 feet total.


I ran in an event my husband and I produce, the Abominable Winter adventure run.  I ended up with a first place overall finish (but it didn’t officially “count” as I am one of the organizers).  The event is at 10,300 feet and includes running in knee to waist deep snow, hauling heavy rocks, burpees, crawling through snow trenches, and running up and sledding down steep hills.  The run is only 3.5 miles but I ended up probably doing close to 6 by the end of the day after helping on the course for a bit.


I went to the “Trail Sister women’s trail running event” at our Runners Roost store.  The event started with a 3 mile run and then I got to meet and learn from some of the best female Ultra runners in the world which made me even more motivated to get out there and train!me abominable

Total weekly mileage:  25 miles!!


Scott is the founder of Becoming Ultra and spends most of his time with his family and ideas to get people moving!