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This is kind of fun.  We hopped on Blab for today’s show and it went pretty darn well.  Good and cool video, which you can see at the bottom of the post and decent audio means we will be doing this again.  You’ll be able to watch live and even give us little props when you like something we say.  Our bread and butter though, is the audio, so be sure to listen o your next run this hot July weekend.  Be sure to check out the rest of this post for some cool ( literally) resources from the show.

Other stuff related to the show:

  • Here is the article Liza mentioned about wearing cotton in heat.  Pretty interesting.
  • Steven is from Marion, Illinois.  have you ever been there?  Anyone from Illinois?
  • We mentioned Heat Stroke and Exhaustion.  Here is an article on the topic.
  • We had more BEultra apparel bought in the last week and more support of the show in the last week than in the last month!  We are only going to be able to do more with every ounce of help, so THANK YOU very much.  If you want to support the show, here is an option.

The Video….Scary we know!


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