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Season 8.5 has many unique features for the runners. Not only are their 8 runners and 4 coaches, there are challenges built into the season for the two teams to compete against each other. The list below is subject to change but as of July 20th, is the on the agenda! The order of execution may be different than how they are listed below as well.

Stars with be given based on performance and we will have a separate page to follow that tracks the teams and individual standings!

Challenge 1: [The week of July 20th and Aug 31] Pre and post one mile trials.

Challenge 2: [The week of July 27th and Sept 7th] Pre and post 5k trials.

Challenge 3: [The week of Oct 5th] Challenging half marathon (details to come) on the week of Oct 5th.

Challenge 4: [The week of Oct 12th] The Michelin-Ninja Challenge on the week of Oct 12th where runners will run in their most creative attire to make it as uncomfortably hot as possible for one hour. Judged by social media!

Challenge 5: [Sept 13-19] Week long trash pick up challenge on the week ending on September 19th, National Trash Pick Up day.

Challenge 6: [The week of Aug 17th] The beer mile. To even it out the runners will only have to drink 1/4 of their body weight in ounces of beer (or other uncomfortable fluid if not down with the beerski) While we would love video evidence it is not mandatory.

Challenge 7: [September 21- October 4] The two week call out challenge. Every other day for two weeks one of the runners will issue a challenge to the other to do before the next one is issued two days later. Stars given for every call out!

Challenge 8: [ongoing] The weekly adherence challenge. Runners are given a point for nailing their training with their coaches at the end of every week!

If you think this is cool you should listen to how we came up with the challenges on the most recent podcast here!


Scott is the founder of Becoming Ultra and spends most of his time with his family and ideas to get people moving!