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Steven keeps hitting the boredom point around mile 8-10.  It’s gonna happen every once in awhile. You can listen to shows, music, and apparently, “Murder She Wrote.”  You can also play some mental games without electronics and of course, find people to run with.  We talk about any and all of this on the Becoming Ultra show today!

Just a few of our favorite podcasts…

The Becoming Ultra Show– Duh!

Athlete On Fire– Another duh but this is a good one to hear from athletes of every background with the goal of bridging the gap between the best in the world and everyone else.  From mindset to addiction, training principles, and how they made it.

Freakonomics: Funky and unique look at not so obvious solutions to the world around us.

UltraRunner Podcast: A consistent look at the ultra running world! We love their daily news post (not on audio but fun still)

Dispatch Radio: A Boulder, Colorado based show on all things adventure.  Think NPR meets Outside magazine.

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Scott is the founder of Becoming Ultra and spends most of his time with his family and ideas to get people moving!

3 thoughts on “Episode 4: Running with Angela Lansbury and other ways to keep occupied on long runs.”

  1. I keep laughing and enjoy listening to this group talk all the time. I follow each podcast because I tend to drive a lot as well as run and bike. Funniest part is the Illinois Lines, I mean who doesn’t like running around corn and crop dusters right? 🙂

    I live in Central Illinois, very flat part of course but love putting in the miles especially on trails there are a few really nice places within 40 minutes. Wanting to run a 50 miler in the next year and am preping myself to finish. Two times now I was in process of training, I became injured two weeks before both and have been coming back from that since September 2015. Def ramped up to quickly and learned my lesson.

    Keeping occupied on long runs I tend to not listen to any music it changes to much and brings me down, especially if I’m on trail I just listen to nature around me. Or the sway of the sweet corn. 😛

  2. If you’re from Southern Illinois go to Shawnee National Forest or High Knob or Cave in Rock! Also Pekin, Illinois has a great set of trails. Y’all are awesome love listening to this.

  3. Awesome Jerrod! Glad you are liking the show. We are slightly goofy but all about the runnin!

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