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Season 4 Application and Launch Page:

Thanks so much for coming and checking out what Becoming Ultra is up to.  We are keeping it simple.

Good news. That fiesty runner and coach Ian Sharman is back for Season 4 with the always lovely Liza to balance him out!

Below is the podcast that has all of the information about the upcoming season and the links to the application and the race for this season.  It’s a beauty for sure.  Bring your energy and passion and just go for it.

You get a great coach and the best accountability built in ever!  We only take applications for 10 days!

The Podcast:

Links to applications and other information.

 General Application:

 The 50 Miler:


Applying not an option for you but still have big goals.  Check out our Team BU!




Scott is the founder of Becoming Ultra and spends most of his time with his family and ideas to get people moving!

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  1. Hi! I filled out the application but I wasn’t prompted for any audio responses and I just want to make sure I complete all of the steps so that I can actually be considered!! 😀

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