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Season 7

Apply to Season 7 of Becoming Ultra

Is this the year you finally go for that big, audacious goal of running further than you ever have in your life?

Becoming Ultra is celebrating our 7th season with our first ever run on the east coast in the beautiful mountains of Virginia in October. Everything you need to know to apply is below. But, you don’t need to know everything to apply, just take a deep breath and go for it!

The basics

What is Becoming Ultra? Becoming Ultra is a coaching and media platform meant to leverage some of the best coaches in the industry and extreme accountability to get runners out and running big time ultra distance events.

Wheels up for Virginia this year!

What is expected of the athlete? Well, first of all, you are applying for a legitimate service. Whether we choose you as one of the 2 featured athletes or decide you are a great fit for our other coaching services, you will be working with a coach as a service. We will just be documenting every step along the way to inspire our listeners and keep you highly accountable. Any details not covered on this page are on the application.

What is the featured race? We have finally decided to head east for the first time this year. The Cloudsplitter 50k is a beautiful course in the mountains of Virginia in fall, October 12-13, 2019!

What can I expect if I apply? The application’s are live from Feb 11th until Feb 20th. The coaches will then record a live podcast to go through and decide which runner’s they will feature! It’s pretty tense really! You WILL have a mandatory AUDIO portion of the application this season. It’s easy, just 90 seconds of why we should choose you! We will be sending the audio link after your initial application!

Is anything different this season? Yes is the quick answer. First, we WILL accept runners who have attempted an ultra this year but did not finish. Second, we added two months to the training cycle as the race has lots of elevation gain we want you to be ready for!

Who shouldn’t apply? Flakes, excuse makers, people who will quit after a week (happened), or after 3 months (happened), or not show up on race day (happened). We love the drama that goes with this project but want you to know that you should be pretty dang committed to see this through. It is NOT easy!

The Coaches

Liza Howard

One of our favorite people in the world and an amazing coach, runner, and regular with the project. Sharman Ultra Bio.

Coast Mountain Trail Series

Ellie Greenwood

We are just getting to know Ellie but know she will be a great addition to the team this season. An awesome athlete and human who will bring her own style to the coaching and calls! Sharman Ultra Bio. Photo: Coast Mountain Trail Series

Scott Jones

Scott is the founder and host of Becoming Ultra as well as a lifelong coach with his M.S. in exercise science! He is working to get as many runners to the start line as possible in 2019 (40 to be specific)

Steph Dannenberg

Steph is our newest addition to the coaching crew here at BU. She has run the featured race (100miler) and will bring a strong analytical mind to the coaching for all of our amazing runners!