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What Is Becoming Ultra? 

Becoming Ultra is a website, podcast, video series, and training resources based around the concept that anyone can run an ultra.  Every resource from Becoming Ultra is meant to teach, empower, and inspire runners to “Become Ultra”.

How to take it all in.

The Podcast:
At least one show weekly with the coaches and their runners over various topics.  Some are talking about new experiences and some about teaching new things!  There will be other podcasts from race directors, experts, and the series MY FIRST ULTRA with accounts from first time ultra runners.  On iTunes or the Athlete On Fire app.

The Google Hangout On Air:
Most of the podcasts are first recorded live on Google Hangouts on Air.  Check out the last shows on the YouTube page and stay tuned for future shows.

Social Media:
FACEBOOK |  TWITTER | INSTAGRAM  More of the trails and videos of the contributors of the project.

The Website:
Ummm, you are here. The new articles and resources should prove to be an asset for any runner and ultra runner!

Get Coached:
We just opened our group training program!  Check it out.

Who Is Involved With Becoming Ultra?

The project is being produced by Athlete On Fire, LLC. It is a health, fitness, and performance website and podcast with interviews and resources from the most amazing athletes on the planet. 



The Coaches:

Ian Sharman and Liza Howard of Sharman Ultra Coaching  just happened to both finish first at this years Leadville 100.   They will be leading two runners to prepare for the American River 50 in California in April.

Check out the recap video from Season 1:

Film Trailer

Others Involved:

Matt Fitzgerald is a well known author on all things endurance and nutrition.  He will be sitting down with us every other week to share his personal journey leading up to his first ultra ever, the American River 50.  He will also be contributing written entries and if all goes as planned, some out in the “field” video!  Check out his first entry HERE.

Dr. Kelly Shockley (just call her Kelly) will be a two fold contributor.  As an utter failure to be accepted by our coached(joking) she will be offering tons of professional advice from treatment to movement patterns to nutrition.  She will also be sharing her own journey to becoming and ultra runner as she is training for a first ultra in 2016!  She is smart ya’ll, learn more about here HERE.

Chris Cow is one of the most passionate athletes I(Scott) have ever met.  He has been eating, living, and breathing obstacle and endurance sports and is about to add ultra running to the mix.  We follow him through articles, video, and social media.  He is a thoughtful athlete and you will relate to him, we promise!

We have a few other contributors signing on and will let you know when they do!

Interested in being a part of Becoming Ultra?

This is no simple production logistically or financially.  We are always looking for people and brands who believe in what we are doing.
Email us to set up a time to talk at contact@becomingultra.com or scott@athleteonfire.com.
Thanks for taking the time to learn about Becoming Ultra, now, for the love of all that is good, go for a run!

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