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Summer Repeats:01

Five drills you can do off the trail to improve agility for the trail.

Note on Summer Repeats.  We are sending out unique tips and training you can do in minutes that will make the hours more enjoyable on the trail!

Today, we give five drills that you can use to gain better agility for your time on the trails.  In the next five posts, we will be breaking down each of these so you can get out there and start using these concepts for your training!

  1. Jump rope:  If you have never jumped rope, there will be a learning curve but once you figure it out, it will be a great go-to for building lower leg strength, general agility, and endurance.  The work of jumping continuously for three minutes is comparable to running a mile.
  2. Ladder- Ladder drills have been used for decades for team sports like football, basketball, soccer and tennis.  Trail running benefits from many of these movements.  You’ll be building your lateral agility, foot speed, and neuromuscular system for the trails.
  3. Line- Similar to ladder drills but more focused on one line instead of boxes.  Barrier to entry is lesser as you literally only need a line on the ground.  You’ll gain many of the benefits of the ladder drills.
  4. Curb/small step- We love using a small step or curb for mimicking characteristics of trails such as small roots and rocks.  You’ll be improving reaction time and quickness to variable heights!
  5. This functional warm up- This warm up is a great warm up but it is also a great stand alone workout that will build all of the functionality that trail runners need.

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On the second Summer Repeats,

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