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Training for an ultra Weeks #9-11: Learning how to recover the hard way

Rest.  Recovery.  Two little words that are hard for so many athletes to follow. Over the last 6 weeks I’ve experienced the gamut of ailments:  Turf toe, ankle sprains, a cold that lasted 4 weeks and a bad autoimmune flare up.   If I had only taken those 2 little words to heart, I may have prevented some of these incidents that ...

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Training for an ultra: Weeks 7 + 8

– By Ultra Mama If you’ve been following along on these posts, I’ve been documenting my experiences training for my first ultra.   Last week I was experiencing some major pain in my big toe and it didn’t let up this week.   So as hard as it was, I set out to take the week off running and just ...

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How to deal when you can’t train: Injuries, infections and cross training

– By Dr. Kelly Shockley, our resident sports medicine contributor and Lauren Jones, Ultra Mama Well, lots to share on the training front from the last couple of weeks.   If you have been following us on social media, then you’ve heard about Dr. Kelly’s hospitalization due to an infection that started from a small scrape after a fall on the ...

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