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Season 4:05 Are you being tough or being dumb? And, rucking as a training tool.

On the show What should you do when you are hurt during training or a training run?  Unfortunately, Ian has some fresh advice. The power of rucking and how to use the training as a skill to make you faster on race day. What big training runs are coming up for Grady? A new Instagram handle we have a little ...

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Training for an ultra Weeks #9-11: Learning how to recover the hard way

Rest.  Recovery.  Two little words that are hard for so many athletes to follow. Over the last 6 weeks I’ve experienced the gamut of ailments:  Turf toe, ankle sprains, a cold that lasted 4 weeks and a bad autoimmune flare up.   If I had only taken those 2 little words to heart, I may have prevented some of these incidents that ...

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Chris Cow on training through a nagging calf injury when not running isn’t an option.

Chris is joining us again to fill us in on how his training for the Antelope Canyon 50 miler is going.  An injury just won’t go away.  What is he doing to get through this?  What type of strength and cross training?  Yeah, injuries are annoying but learning from others who are coping helps us all. http://traffic.libsyn.com/becomingultra/chris_cow_2.mp3Podcast: Play in new ...

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