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The Grateful Run: Run for these 5 people on your next run.

The Grateful Run is an idea I had visiting my parents last November.  My dad, he is on dialysis every other day. My mom administers.  It’s a very selfless act from my mom and very uncomfortable process for my dad.  I would think about him often on long or tough runs. So, this video is for you to decide on ...

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How to deal when you can’t train: Injuries, infections and cross training

– By Dr. Kelly Shockley, our resident sports medicine contributor and Lauren Jones, Ultra Mama Well, lots to share on the training front from the last couple of weeks.   If you have been following us on social media, then you’ve heard about Dr. Kelly’s hospitalization due to an infection that started from a small scrape after a fall on the ...

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Fitz Ultra: Now I Get it

I’ve always liked the title of Scott Jones’s online program for aspiring ultrarunners: “Becoming Ultra.” It’s punchy. But I like it even more now that I actually understand what it means. Before I started the process of training for my own first ultramarathon, the concept of becoming ultra meant nothing more to me than completing a debut ultramarathon. When you ...

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