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My First Ultra:14 “My finish lines rank among the top moments in my life.”

My First Ultra explores runners’ first experience running an ultra. ย This show was great but be sure to read her written account below before diving in! My journey from just starting out to my first 50-miler… ________________ She cut me off in mid-sentence and said….”Just shut up and run, Susan.”. I had recently started running, but hadn’t gone longer than ...

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Summer Repeats:01 Five drills off the trail, for the trail

Summer Repeats:01 Five drills you can do off the trail to improve agility for the trail. Note on Summer Repeats. ย We are sending out unique tips and training you can do in minutes that will make the hours more enjoyable on the trail! Today, we give five drills that you can use to gain better agility for your time on ...

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