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Training for an ultra week #12: Testing out a new training method

This week I decided to try to implement a different approach to my routine:  heart rate training!   There has been a lot of buzz lately about some of the different methods for heart rate training, one of the more popular being the Maffetone method, where you take 180 minus your age which would be your target training heart rate.  Many ...

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Training for an ultra Weeks #9-11: Learning how to recover the hard way

Rest.  Recovery.  Two little words that are hard for so many athletes to follow. Over the last 6 weeks I’ve experienced the gamut of ailments:  Turf toe, ankle sprains, a cold that lasted 4 weeks and a bad autoimmune flare up.   If I had only taken those 2 little words to heart, I may have prevented some of these incidents that ...

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Ultra Mama: Dealing with autoimmune disease on the quest to run an ultra marathon

“Just do something”  is the voice that resounds in my head.  My aching, pounding head.   This is day #6 of the feverish migraine-like headaches and throbbing joint pain that has kept me up at night.   People have often asked me what an autoimmune disease “flare-up” feels like.   Well, this is it: Imagine the worst hang-over of your life ...

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