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Team BU

Are you training for an ultra?

Whether it be your 1st or your 50th,  Team BU has the resources, community, training tools, coaching and more to support you along your journey.

“Team BU” is all about Being You and going for what is big and audacious and epic to you.  It’s about closing your eyes and seeing a version of yourself you know is there but just haven’t found the right people to share it with.  It’s about supporting people that want to get there and feeling just as good doing that as getting there yourself.  Maybe it’s about running a little too.  Okay, a lot is about the running.

The thing I see when I close my eyes is a community that inherently inspires and teaches and motivates.  There are a million ways to plug yourself into the running world so what we are starting here may begin with running but it will be much more than that to the members of the TEAM!

So, enough fluff.

What is Team Be You

We are first and foremost a group that is selfless in helping others get what they want so we can get what we want.  Typically, these things are encouragement, education, accountability, and resources.

Team BU is a community that as a member you will have the chance to access the bests ways to do the things that you have always wanted to do with running, sport, life….with a pretty hardcore focus on running, and running that first ultra of course.

Picture the basic concept of Becoming Ultra, taking runners who have never run an ultra and other runners that love to support them and put them all in it together.  Work together to coach and teach and progress together with people pushing you and holding you accountable.  

It’s an accountability platform as much as anything.


  • Unique group challenges and discounts on our virtual challenges to keep it fresh and exciting to train.  Event day is a blast but sometime training can get boring, we’ll help you get past this part.  Some challenges will be running based from mileage to elevation gain. Some will be strength and mobility based and some will be nutrition based.
  • Unique strength, mobility, and injury prevention workouts and sets you can add to your specific programming.  You’ll have access to a growing library of individual sets and workouts you can add to your training that are runner and ultra runner centric.
  • Access to our private Facebook Group.  This is where most of the interactions has been occurring with the team.  See below for more details on this.
  • Your support of the team will also support Becoming Ultra as a whole.  This project has been in the ears and eyes of thousands for over 2 years for free.  You’ll be supporting the project by supporting the team!
  • Gear and more focused coaching for the higher contributors.

The Private Group

Team BU members will have access to a private Facebook group where coaches and runners can bounce training ideas and concepts off each other.  We will bring in other coaches to answer questions you may have about a specific training, nutrition, or mental concept.  We will be serving as an on call coach and you will be able to reach out to other members for accountability.

Coaching Calls

Team BU members can have access to coaches for goal setting and training advice. Check out our member page here!

 What else is there to know?

Basically, you have to believe in what we are trying to do. And it all comes down to these ideals.

    • Inspire others and lift them to be the best version of themselves without taking credit for it.
    • Get inspired because of others efforts.
    • Let the cycle repeat until we have found if there is a limit to who we can reach.
    • It’s not just about running, it never is!

Is it free?  

Nope. Not this one.   It will be far too personal and far too valuable to just give away.  I hope you will trust us on this point.

When does it start?

IT’S LIVE!  It never ends really


What happens when I register?

Right after you register you will be sent a questionnaire about your running and personal goals and history as well as an email with many of our favorite resources for runners.

Then  you will be sent your invite to the private FB group, and have access to the workouts.  We might even give you a call to say hi and meet you more personally!  Then, dive in and be a good teammate!

Who is already on the team?

Check out some of the profiles HERE.

More Questions?  

Shoot us an email at becomingultra@gmail.com


Scott and the Team BU Crew