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Goals Goal Goals!


Last time Chelsea and Ellie were introduced and the playing field set. She is currently in week two of training with Ellie for her first ultra and things are looking great.  Her knee is better and her running partner is strong.  She also upgraded her GPS so we talk about that as well!


Remember how Jackie commutes from Boston to DC? Crazy right?! Jackie is adjusting to a new schedule and new priorities as many runners do early with a coach dictating their efforts.  Over three weeks she has consistently gotten better and made the adjustments.  She has many questions about early training and how to attack it! JFK 50 is coming up just around the corner.


Recall Heather is not new to the ultra scene. But with a new journey through formal coaching, she is going to new heights!

Heather is early in her training with Liza but we still have a great conversation about core strength, back strength, and how she deals with her migraines.  All things we know many runners could be going through.


Oh Candy! Pushing and moving forward with perseverance and strength! Candy isn’t done with being ultra!

It seems the theme this past week has been dealing with scheduling. Sometimes we like to think that scheduling during spring will be easier, that there is less going on, but our lives don’t stop or take an off season. Candy herself has a lot going on with deadlines before her husband undergoes a foot surgery that will take him out of commission for a little while.  We talk about flex and off days and how she can best approach her training during these busy times!


Umstead is now fast approaching. The website and online data, sometimes for any race, can be confusing and scattered. We have a great resource right at our fingertips: Coach Liza!

We bring on Liza Howard to answer questions our very own Ginger Gutting has about her upcoming Umstead 100 miler.  Being that Liza holds the course record, we thought it would be pretty cool for them to connect.

But now the taper is coming. Taper is different for everyone especially for those who are ramping up to an event that has been a long time coming.

What to think about when you have time to think?  That is much of what goes on for the taper for many runners.  So, we talk about mindset for a good portion of today’s call. A little something for everyone no matter the distance!

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Stephanie Dannenberg

Steph has been running really far in really hot, cold, dry, and rainy places. She is the newest coach for Becoming Ultra and contributes on the podcast regularly!