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We would love to send you coaching and inspiration to become a better runner. Think of these emails as your crash course to getting started as an ultra runner!

We created an extensive email series for YOU!

 Runner's from all over the world are loving the email series we created just for you! It's free of course and below are some of the subjects we cover.

The Warm Up: Are you running short or long? Low intensity or high intensity? We break down the warm up!

Cross training: Not only do we explain the benefits of cross training, we give sample workouts for you to try!

The Mental Game: How to use your mind during tough times on training and race day runs.

Mountain Trail Training: Drills and skills to mimic running in the mountains for people living in not so mountain(y) places.

Missed Runs: The approach from a training and mental standpoint you should take when missing runs.

“Yes, I'm really enjoy these emails. I'm prepping for my 1st ultra in September, your podcast and these emails help me from feeling overwhelmed by the training.”

Bryan - Becoming Ultra listener and subscriber

Love these emails! They are so inspiring!!!!

Lisa - Becoming Ultra listener and subscriber

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“Becoming Ultra was born from being inspired by the regular people out there doing amazing things. I created Becoming Ultra to help people find something closer to their limits than they thought possible. I really hope you find something you've been looking for with everything we have created!"

— Scott Jones, Creator