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Becoming Ultra Group Training

Who is Becoming Ultra Group Training for?

“I’m going to run an Ultra.” There, you finally told someone. Chances are, they either told you that you are crazy or had no idea what an Ultra is. Heck, they thought every distance was a marathon until you explained it all to them.

This is a perfectly normal scenario. There just may not be people close to you that understand this running “culture”.

You’ve seen runners pushing themselves to their limits. It inspired you.

You watched elites and every day runners be humbled by the same terrain, on the same day. The trails, and the views. The stories you’ve heard. And now, you’ve committed, or you are about to.

You are going to run your first Ultra marathon. You are going to experience running at an extreme. You just need help, and ideally, some friends to hold you accountable. That’s why this training exists.

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Do you feel like you need to learn more about HOW to take this Ultra thing on?

  • Miles v. Time on feet
  • Strength training
  • Nutrition
  • Gear
  • Injury prevention
  • Recovering from long runs

There is so much to learn.  Why not save tons of time and just focus on the fun part, the RUNNING!

Do you want access to some of the best in the business to learn from?  Having a hard time to find true accountability?  That’s what this group is all about, minus the cost of one on one coaching but still focusing on the individual in so many ways!

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller

How does it work?

Up to 8 athletes will be placed on a BU Team. We will be launching the first group on January 24th.  It is first come first serve and registration closes on January 20th.

After you register:

Once you register you will go through an intake and discovery consult where a coach will be learning about your running history, past injuries, overall goals, race goals, and everything else that will allow us to put together a real, custom training plan for you. These plans can and will be modified over time to take into account any life, work, or physical changes along the way. We don’t do “cookie cutter”. Once you register you will get our warm up routine for long and short runs right away.  Time to start practicing.

The cost:

We only charge per month.  You can opt out at any time but we recommend committing to at least 3 months due to the nature of what training for an Ultra marathon truly entails.  The cost reflects the value of training with a group as opposed to one on one.  We think you will appreciate this fact!

The Coaches

The coaches are degreed exercise scientists and training professionals with years of experience training, teaching, coaching, and holding athletes accountable.

The Guarantee

We are offering a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t believe the format or coaching style fits your goals. All athletes and coaches are different and meshing well is as important to us as it should be to you.  We doubt you’ll ask, but the safety net is here in case you have a change of heart.

After you are individually ready the group training and education begins.

Once every other week we will get on a team call to go over concepts of training as well as trouble shoot individual issues as a group. It will be positive by design and meant to build an “accountability team” around your, and your teammates goals. We will bring in industry professionals such as doctors, chiro’s, coaches, nutritionists, and elite runners to answer questions and teach new concepts.

Program includes:

  • Group coaching with up to 7 of your running peers
  • Accountability
  • One On One custom pre call
  • Running plan based on your needs and coaches consult
  • Bi-weekly group calls
  • Runner hot seats to help with specific individual needs
  • Elite Ultra runners and professional contributors to the group calls including doctors, sport psychologist’s, nutrition professionals, and elite coaches.

Are you planning on running an ultra in late spring/early summer of 2016?

 NOW is the time to start training!!!

We are taking the first 8 applications for this first group, registration closes on January 20th.

Coaching starts on January 24thStart Group Training Now

After registering we will be sending a basic intake form to learn more about your running and health history.  Now What?
  1. Get scheduled for your for your first one on one session!
  2. Get ready to meet your TEAM of runners on your first group call(we’ll be using video via google hangouts)
  3. Train smart, learn, and Become Ultra or Become A Better Ultra Runner!

Register for the Becoming Ultra Group Training Program HERE!