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When you walk out the door in your running shoes, you might be making a difference.  You just don’t know who is watching.  It’s why now is the best time to start and never is the best time to quit.



Who is watching you walk out the door with your watch on, the rain falling, the sun burning down, the wind howling, the night full?

Do they wonder why you do it?

Are they old enough to know what you are doing?

Are they old enough to have always wanted to be strong enough to do it too?

Will it fuel the urge to get up and move?

Did they notice how long you were gone and how much longer you have been gone since the beginning?

Did they notice how broken you were when you came back?

Did they also notice how you stood tall and wouldn’t give in?

Did they notice you smiled more? Laughed more? Cried less? Loved easier?

How did the dirt cover you so perfectly?

Blood. Did they notice the blood down your knees, pooling at your socks?

When was it? What day was it? What second? What moment did they realize you were…





When did they know they wanted to be like you?






Scott is the founder of Becoming Ultra and spends most of his time with his family and ideas to get people moving!