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Recovery and what it looks like

We've all been there, for a 5k, half, or 100...sore for days, doing the granny walk, stairs as tall and daunting as Mount Everest, looking sharply at those handicap accessible bathroom tools... Recovery is unique for each individual. It has to do wit [...]

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Food for Thought

Food, it's always on our minds. Whether you are thinking about fueling for a workout or getting hungry, we are wired to think about our next meal. But do we put too much thought into it? Blaming ourselves for cravings? Let's learn how to think about [...]

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Season 8 Selection Show!

Every Season with Becoming Ultra starts just about the same way. We take applications from runners from all over, hop on the podcast with a couple of Sharman Ultra's coaches and try to figure out the best fit for the next 6 months of training! This S [...]

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What to do after your race?

We get this a lot, you did your race, and now what? Especially if you are heading into the off season or taking a break we often are at a loss of what to do with ourselves. There isn't anything to train for anymore. Nothing to look forward to, or per [...]

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Cloudsplitter 100 Weekend

Driving along route 58 into Norton there was a large stone sign recently constructed it seemed welcoming the visitors to the smallest incorporated city in Virginia. The area had been in a drought, sapping the trees of their would-be fall colors to a [...]

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Listen to your Doctor or get a second opinion

We’ve all been there. We get a niggle, or something that seems to get progressively worse with every run, endless fatigue you can’t shake with any number of shots from Starbucks, or just this annoying no-name virus… We head to our friendly neighborho [...]