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Just like all of the posts in the series the line drills we are presenting are meant to make better athletes out of runners.

The benefit from these drills are:

  • Improved agility
  • Improved reaction time
  • Coordination
  • Better lateral movement
  • Increased strength
  • Increased power

Yes, these are all benefits for running!

Watch the video then scroll down for the written description and ways to implement into a workout.


One foot on line

Focus on accurate and precise landing and forward motion.  Shoot for landing the exact distance forward every rep. You’ll notice one foot feels more coordinated or stronger than the other.  That’s why we isolate the left from the right in many of these drills!

One foot lateral

Focus on keeping your center of gravity just inside the foot as it lands.  Running is essentially landing on a single foot over and over.  Many runners don’t train lateral movement as much as they should. This drill, at the least introduces lateral movement to your training!

Two feet lateral

Same as the one foot but with the goal of keeping your feet coordinated together.  It’s tougher than it seems.  The goal is to get quicker as you get better at this one.

123 wide

This drill mimics a movement you will see on trails with roots and rocks pretty often.  Quick steps underneath the runner followed by a by lateral move to get over or around something.  Practice, practice, practice!

123 quick

Similar to the 123 wide but with less power and more speed as the focus.  I even mess up in the video.  I could have edited it out but the point is with many of these drills that if you are not messing up, many times, you aren’t getting better.  Even with agility, stress and load increase adaptation!

One leg hop to squat

Strength, balance, coordination are the tenants of this movement. It is another great way to even out your left from your right.  Really try to stay on the line.  This is one that is tougher than it looks!

Ways to implement

As before, three levels to add based on your level.

Note: The distance you see on the video is about 10 yards (30 feet).  It’s a good place to start.


As usual, the 50k is the practice level. Focus on mastery.  To start, set the timer for 3 minutes running for each of the 6 movements.  Give yourself the chance to mess up as often as you need.  Speed isn’t the goal and if you have to walk through, walk through until the nervous system catches up to your body!


We are assuming you have a base skill level to do these without stopping for the most part.

In order for 30 sec each for 3 sets:

  • One foot on line
  • One foot lateral
  • Two feet lateral
  • 123 wide
  • 123 quick
  • One leg hop to squat
  • 1 minute cooldown


We are turning the line drills into a cooldown between 1/4 mile intervals.

So, run 1/4 at 90% effort then go through each of these for 30 sec right after the run interval.

  • One foot on line
  • One foot lateral
  • Two feet lateral
  • 123 wide
  • 123 quick
  • One leg hop to squat
  • 1 minute cooldown

Start with four sets and work in one more set every week for a month until you are up to 8 quarter miles!  Focus on staying accurate when you are fatigued.

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Scott is the founder of Becoming Ultra and spends most of his time with his family and ideas to get people moving!